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2000 E-Commerce Predictions

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January 1, 2000 *3,000 subscribers* Volume 2, Issue 1
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ECnow.com 2000 trends: Year 2000 E-Commerce Predictions


  • Man of the Year: Jeff Bezos

  • Clinton the E-Commerce Newbie

  • Hall Of Fame Sports Heroes Join E-Commerce Game

  • FreeDotNet Founders Resign On Fraud Charges

  • Microsoft CFO Quits

  • Will BizRate's Davis Play in Traffic?

  • Stamps.com Founders Find the Outbox

  • The New Face of AT&T

  • Meeker Inherits the Rumors

  • Getting the Inside Dope

  • Restarting at NetZero

  • Value America's Palace Coup

  • The Prophet of the Silicon Prairie

  • Koenig Joins Epinions.com Board



Man of the Year: Jeff Bezos
Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, the young entrepreneur whose vision of a giant Internet bookstore helped pioneer the global online shopping revolution, was named on Sunday as Time magazine's Man of the Year.

Clinton the E-Commerce Newbie
The leader of the free world makes his first online purchases: books and bracelets for Christmas gifts. On-time delivery to the White House probably won't be a problem.

Hall Of Fame Sports Heroes Join E-Commerce Game
Former NFL, NBA and NHL greats John Elway, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky have announced that they will attempt to muscle into the competitive online sporting goods market by launching MVP.com next month.

FreeDotNet Founders Resign On Fraud Charges
FreeDotNet, a British Internet service provider, lost three of its founding members Friday after being charged with conspiracy to defraud investors.

Microsoft CFO Quits
Greg Maffei is leaving the software giant to become CEO of a fiber-optic network firm. He will be replaced by John Connors, VP of Microsoft's worldwide enterprise group.  

Will BizRate's Davis Play in Traffic? 
Just as some online merchants have developed a newfound fondness for shop bots, Chuck Davis, president of Disney's Go Network, has found affection in his heart for the automated crawlers - especially when he learned he could run one.

Stamps.com Founders Find the Outbox
After seeing their idea for Internet postage become a federally-approved, $2.5 billion business in just over three years, the founders of Stamps.com are leaving for greener pastures.

The New Face of AT&T
Much of the top management talent at AT&T is leaving the company when the wireless group is spun off in an IPO.

Meeker Inherits the Rumors 

Rumors of famed Internet investor's Mary Meeker's move to the Left Coast are just that -- rumors. Morgan Stanley said it's not losing one of its best-known analysts, despite press reports.

Getting the Inside Dope

Magazine veterans Kurt Andersen and Michael Hirschorn have teamed up to form a news site. They've got cash, ambition -- and plenty of buzz.

Restarting at NetZero

With a new captain at the helm and plenty of IPO cash, the company hopes to become the America Online of free ISPs.

Value America's Palace Coup

First the CEO quit. Then the board deposed its chairman. Now the general merchandise e-retailer thinks it can turn a profit.

The Prophet of the Silicon Prairie

Flip Filipowski is determined to lead -- or drag -- his hometown of Chicago into the tech future.

Koenig Joins Epinions.com Board
Bradford C. Koenig, the influential co-head of Goldman's global high technology group, is taking a director's chair at startup Epinions.com.


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