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2000 E-Commerce Predictions

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January 1, 2000 *3,000 subscribers* Volume 2, Issue 1
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ECnow.com 2000 trends: Year 2000 E-Commerce Predictions


Year 2000 E-Commerce Predictions

by Mitchell Levy
Executive Producer, ECMgt.com


At the start of the 21st century we are at the beginning of a completely new way of interacting with our partners in both our professional and personal lives. The Internet and its incorporation into every aspect of our existence will change everything. To try to understand the transformation we are in the middle of, try picturing yourself as a farmer tilling your crops with an oxen at the turn of the 20th century. How could you, the 19th-century farmer, possibly imagine the industrial revolution that would transform the world in the 20th century.

 I am, however, speaking about a future beyond the year 2000. So, let me step back and leave you with ECnow.com's top 10 predictions for 2000. We will write about each trend during the months ahead. These predictions are also available here: http://ecnow.com/top10trends2000.htm

 #10 - Expanded ECM Deployment: Brick-and-mortar companies will continue to deploy e-commerce efforts that integrate with their core business. After Y2K preparation and cleanup, e-commerce will hit the business world like a tidal wave. Year 2000 will see a significant increase in the number of traditional companies that extend their brands onto the Web and meld on and off-line marketing activities.

#09 - Executive Inability to Morph: The majority of Global 2000 corporations will recognize that e-commerce is a reality they must embrace, but the majority of top executives will be unable to "morph" their corporations into holistic Internet-enabled entities.

#08 - Customer-Centric Corporate Restructuring: For the Global 2000 companies that adapt and integrate the Internet into their businesses, a customer-centric view will start reshaping their culture and infrastructure.

#07 - Free Extends into B-to-B Space: "Free" continues as a B-to-C (business-to-consumer) e-commerce model and extends into the B-to-B (business-to-business) world.

#06 - Wireless Applications Become More Common: Wireless Internet access will have rapid adoption in the U.S., possibly catching up to Europe. Wireless technology will be incorporated into standard business operations, will be used to deliver in-store competitive pricing, and remote e-mail anywhere, contributing to a steep rise in online usage.

#05 - ASP's Capabilities Expand: ASP's (Application Service Providers) will continue to increase the quantity and quality of their customers and the robustness of their service offerings. The ASP model, as it becomes more pervasive, will lead to a dramatic change in how the software industry produces and distributes software.

#04 - Dynamic Pricing Reaches Most Industries: Dynamic pricing will extend into numerous industries via the name-your-own-price model (such as Priceline) and the Auction (such as Ebay) model.

#03 - Privacy Concerns Increase: Privacy concerns will increase in the U.S. as the public becomes more aware of how their Web site activity can be tracked, profiled, and merged with data collected from multiple off-line sources to reveal very "personal" information about themselves.

#02 - M&A Activity Escalates: Private, public, traditional and newly created corporate venture capital funds will increase the pace of mergers and acquisitions. We will continue to see the "dot.com's" snapping up physical real estate. In addition to technology and market share as reasons for acquisition, companies will be acquired for their employee base (technical and managerial).

#01 - B-to-B Growth Continues its Dramatic Pace: B-to-B growth will continue at it's dramatic 1999 pace, leading to more liquidity in the B-to-B exchanges and inter-organizational virtual enterprises. Part of this growth will stem from the B-to-B practitioners borrowing successful techniques already proven in the B-to-C marketplace.

#Bonus Trend - Electronic Wallet Acceptance: Major in-roads will be made in the acceptance of electronic wallets. Driven by the success (and partial frustration) of the 1999 Christmas shopping season, consumers will be looking for an easier, quicker shopping experience.


Let me leave you with a couple of my favorite quotes this month:

  • Many companies will consider outsourcing the order fulfillment function after finding that they were ill-equipped to handle e-Christmas 1999

  •  Dynamic pricing models (auctions etc.) will continue to prevail and proliferate

  • Adoption of the ASP (application service provider) model for software distribution 

  •  "Click and Mortar" companies will gain strength in 2000 by leveraging their strong brands, deep pockets and established infrastructures

  • E-Commerce will boom in Europe and Asia (more than 60 million Europeans will be online)

Source: Mark Rhoney, President, ec.UPS.com


  • The Dinosaurs start getting their acts together.

Source: Narry Singh, Partner, The McKenna Group


  • M&A marketplace will accelerate - great companies sprinting but they won't reach their goal
  • Corporate denial of e-commerce will end (talking the talk, not walking the walk)
    • less than 10% will have really pledged their business model to the net
  • Continue to see an unbelievable migration of high-level executives from Fortune 2000 companies to dot.com companies which will fuel #1

Source: Mark Walsh, President and CEO, Verticalnet.com


  •  E-everything. I think we will see more & more of the local "brick & mortar" stores/businesses implementing e-commerce strategies into their business and marketing strategies. They will offer the best of both worlds and allow the consumer to choose.

(J.G., Tracy, California USA)


  •  E-Commerce will also take a place in the developing world

  • Academically it will become significant and will take a place in career choosing



I hope you enjoy this eZine.

See you in cyberspace,

Mitchell Levy

President, ECnow.com <http://ecnow.com>
Executive Producer, ECMgt.com <http://ECMgt.com>
Founder and Coordinator, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program <http://ecmtraining.com/sjsu>

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