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2000 E-Commerce Predictions

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January 1, 2000 *3,000 subscribers* Volume 2, Issue 1
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ECnow.com 2000 trends: Year 2000 E-Commerce Predictions


  • Victims of Their Own Success
  • Ziff-Davis sells Publishing Arm
  • Net merchants close in on local advertising
  • Flycast Introduces Lower-Cost Ad Network
  • Netscape Directory Making a Splash



Victims of Their Own Success
Some AOL community leaders are learning that an area's popularity can lead to commercial opportunity -- but not for them.

Ziff-Davis sells Publishing Arm
Ziff-Davis, trying to reduce its debt and streamline its assets, today sold its publishing unit, including notable magazines such as PC Magazine, PC Week and PC Computing, to Willis Stein & Partners for an estimated $780 million in cash.

Net merchants close in on local advertising
Online merchants increasingly will forsake national advertising for targeted local campaigns, according to a new study

Flycast Introduces Lower-Cost Ad Network 
Flycast, an online advertising and marketing company based in San Francisco, today introduced an online advertising network that it said should help media sites that haven't typically earned revenue from advertising.

Netscape Directory Making a Splash 
Netscape's volunteer-based Open Directory Project, once ignored by bigger players as a do-it-yourself Web directory, is drawing attention and criticism as it has become the Web's fastest-growing site list.



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