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November 1, 1999 *2,600 subscribers* Volume 1, Issue 10
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ECnow.com 1999 trend #01: "While consumer-based security concerns continue to decrease, privacy concerns will increase leading companies for focus on the non-monetary forms of currency (time, attention, trust and convenience)"

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  • Digital River Signs Partnership Deal with Staples
  • Excite buys Bluemountain.com
  • CVS, Merck Mix Web Potion
  • BT and PocketScience Sign PocketMail Letter of Intent

Digital River Signs Partnership Deal with Staples
Digital commerce outsourcing company Digital River signed an electronic software delivery. ESD partnership with office supplies retailer Staples Inc.

Excite buys Bluemountain.com
Excite@Home agreed to buy Blue Mountain Arts Publishing Co.'s Bluemountain.com, the No. 1 online greeting card company, for about USD $780 million in cash and stock.

CVS, Merck Mix Web Potion
Drug industry giants CVS and Merck announce an alliance between two of their Internet ventures.

BT and PocketScience Sign PocketMail Letter of Intent;PocketScience and BT Bring Low-Cost Mobile E-Mail to United Kingdom and Europe
Through a revenue sharing arrangement with PocketScience, BT's Internet and Multimedia Services Division will have the exclusive license to market and sell the PocketMail mobile e-mail solution in the United Kingdom. The UK PocketMail service is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2000. PocketMail is the most affordable, portable and simple way to send and receive e-mail from any phone worldwide.

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