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Security, Privacy & Other Non-monetary Forms of Currency

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November 1, 1999 *2,600 subscribers* Volume 1, Issue 10
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ECnow.com 1999 trend #01: "While consumer-based security concerns continue to decrease, privacy concerns will increase leading companies for focus on the non-monetary forms of currency (time, attention, trust and convenience)"

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  • eCenter E-Commerce Address Verifier Launched
  • BizRate.com Launches Shopping Recommendation Engine
  • Yahoo! Moves to Speed Checkout
  • E-Commerce security standard in works
  • NextCard to offer e-wallet
  • E-Wallet's Ambitious Plans
  • E-Commerce System Review - iCat

E-Commerce Address Verifier Launched
Intelligent Systems Inc. delivered iRAVES, its Internet Real Time Address Verification Enterprise Service for use by e-tailers.

BizRate.com Launches Shopping Recommendation Engine
Online store performance ratings company BizRate launched what it calls "the Web's first unbiased recommendation engine" for shoppers, called SmartSearch.

Yahoo! Moves to Speed Checkout
Shopping for merchandise on Yahoo! Inc. got easier Tuesday as the Net giant launched a host of new features to expedite the purchasing process.

E-Commerce security standard in works
The Trusted Computing Alliance decides a universal security standard is good for e-business.

NextCard to offer e-wallet
NextCard offers to fill out credit forms for you -- with its own credit card information, of course.

E-Wallet's Ambitious Plans
Soon, you too will be able to shop at some of the Web's biggest e-commerce sites, using just one widget. Thanks, Microsoft!

E-Commerce System Review -- iCat
The first in a series of occasional reviews of "canned" e-commerce systems. In this first report we look at iCat.

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