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March 1, 2000 *3,400 subscribers* Volume 2, Issue 3
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  • Toshiba Launches $2.3B Internet Business Initiative

  • Big Blue plans cash registers with Net access

  • Wireless Credit Cards: How Soon and How Pervasive?

  • 'How can I help you?'

  • Show the Web's True Colors

  • Startups target couch e-commerce

  • Amazon patents affiliate programs technology

  • New Vision Of Commerce

  • Discover Offers Online 'Virtual Credit Card'

  • The Click-And-Mortar Customer Arrives


Toshiba Launches $2.3B Internet Business Initiative

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba announced a $2.3 billion (US$) initiative Monday that will target electronic commerce and Internet content businesses. The unit will focus on Internet-related services in the areas of finance, travel, video distribution, auctions, leisure and music -- all to be offered through cellular telephones and other mobile devices


Big Blue plans cash registers with Net access

IBM, the giant computer maker, is expected to unveil Internet-enabled cash registers tomorrow that allow customers to access orders they placed online when they are in retail stores, according to reports.


 Wireless Credit Cards: How Soon and How Pervasive?

Last week, Motorola, Inc. announced plans to make a "virtual credit card" available on its mobile phones. By pushing a button or issuing a voice command mobile users will be able to complete e-commerce transactions in seconds via their virtual cards.


'How can I help you?'

Some dot coms find what they need in a brick-and-mortar call-center firm.


 Show the Web's True Colors

E-Color adjusts colors to your monitor, minimizing shopping surprises


Startups target couch e-commerce

Two companies, Wink Communications and RespondTV have developed technology that adds a graphic overlay over television programming -- enabling users to point-and-click their remotes to get more information about what's on-screen or buy a product in real time.


 Amazon patents affiliate programs technology

The online retail giant files for ownership--and receives--the technology that lets other Web sites send it customers in exchange for a commission. CNET


 New Vision Of Commerce

Makers of commerce servers want to be at the core of every transaction. Should you bet your business on them?


 Discover Offers Online 'Virtual Credit Card'

The Desk$hop virtual credit card is a graphic image of a Discover credit card that sits on the user's PC desktop, but accesses Discover's central server to authorize and track transactions.


The Click-And-Mortar Customer Arrives

By April, Bates' technology will allow customers carrying certain personal digital assistants or mobile phones to do price and product availability searches - eventually - on all 142 million items in the company database, as well as retrieve BizRate.com and IQorder ratings on thousands of online and offline merchants.


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