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"The Value Framework™ is an easy way for managers to structure their thinking about strategy development! The problem with most strategy methodologies is that it calls for a lot of content that most participants don't remember 6 months down the road, the Value Framework™ is straightforward and easy to remember."
Alan Amling, Director, Electronic Commerce UPS

"Many thanks for letting me test your methodology. I find the Value Framework™ to be a very useful tool. In fact, we've just gone through a strategy exercise that has taken quite a long time within our company, where we're rebuilding the business plan and are very focused on getting the strategy communicated to the employee base. I find the Value Framework™ to be a very trivial and very intrinsic way to understand how to get all your thoughts together into a very concentrated formula. Actually, I wish we had this tool before we spent the last two months trying to do what we just did in an hour. Great stuff!!!"
Alfred Chuang, President & CEO, BEA

"I think the Value Framework™ is a nice tool because it challenges people to reassess where they are against the traditional building blocks of business as opposed to taking a snapshot on where they are based on an arbitrary set of metrics. Some of the building blocks will jump out at you as being important while some will become important upon reflection."
Tim Sanders, Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo, Author, Love is the Killer App

"The Value Framework analysis is a framework for understanding and creating a synopsis of an organization's strategic values. The exercise of creating this framework and revisiting the results has provided us with a concise statement about our core business and the job ahead."
Peter Ostrow, President & CEO, TestMart

"I found our 1x1 session leveraging the Value Framework™ extremely interesting and useful to our company. It made me focus on our strategic priorities and the rationale behind them. Most importantly, it gave me an easy way to prioritize our strategic initiatives.
Atul Vashitha, CEO, neoIT

"Strategic planning is often shelved by time-strapped managers focused on core markets and operations. Levy's Value Framework™ provides a simple, yet broad perspective of business ecosystems, enabling a quick, painless study of both opportunity and risk found within our business paradigms."
Todd Parsons, Division Manager, Online Business Services, Silicon Valley Bank


"After our meeting, I implemented a new business model that allowed me to immediately bring in a recurring revenue stream that instantly added $12K to my bottom line and $100k+ over the next three years. Your Value Framework™ went directly to the point of highlighting opportunities for growing my business and increasing my revenue stream and profitability. Thank you!"
Jill Amen, CEO and Publisher, Silicon Valley Map and Calendar


"Working with the Value Framework™ was intuitive and an effective use of my time. It provided unique insight into my business strategy and at the same time offered specific tactical recommendations that I was able to implement immediately. I highly recommend the Value Framework™ to companies looking to refine business strategies and align major business functions."
Doug Warren, Former CEO, Entrabase, Inc.


"Entrepeneurs creatively substitute intuition and experience for analytics. As an unfortunate side effect, they often fail to identify some minor but nonetheless crucial piece of the puzzle. The Value Framework is a valuable way to test that you haven't overlooked something essential."
Pete Harris, President & CEO, The Bristol Group


"As a venture capitalist, we're planning on using the Value Framework™ to help our portfolio companies succeed."
Fred Sibayan, Co-Founder, Exodus Communications, CEO, Sierra Vision Launch


"The Value Framework™ was a fascinating experience for me! I am starting my fourth company and I was floundering when it came to communicating the value in this idea and in figuring out what were the core parts of a winning strategy. The process that Mitchell has created took me step-by-step through what was a jungle of data and information and brings each piece into its proper perspective. I don't know how he does it, but he just kept asking me questions and typing away on his computer and within an hour, he had created an entire presentation that was clear, concise and ready to be passed on to my staff. Thanks again!"
Ralph Marx, CEO and Founder, Soiree


"Levy and his Value Framework™ have hit the nail on the head of what companies need to think about today in order to be successful tomorrow."
Rich Brenner, CEO, The Brenner Group (a 50 person CEO-for-Hire firm)


"As a senior executive in several national based companies, I have been exposed to many different strategy and analysis techniques for the benefit of an organization. By far and away the approach taken by Mitchell Levy and the Value Framework™ Analysis was far superior. It quickly, logically, and with a great deal of insight got to the heart of issues and helped to set us on a path that can only be beneficial from a strategic position with a clear cut path towards execution."
Robert M. Glas, CEO, TracNologies, Inc.


"The Value Framework helped me realize that some seemingly lower-priority problems in my business are actually quite influential."
Vitaly M. Golomb, President, Sputnik Designs





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