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WHAT IS THE VALUE FRAMEWORK®: The value created in a company is from the business models that are deployed, managed and evolved over time. ECnow.com's methodology, called the Value Framework®, helps one analyze the models and the strategy that will help them be effective. The framework will help to:

1) Determine the effectiveness of the business models already in place
2) Help to manage and evolve those business models for tomorrow
3) Ascertain additional business models that should be deployed ASAP

The Value Framework® deals with value creation. It is more of a framework for business success then an equation one can plug numbers into. The equation V=MS3 is not yet mathematically proven (yet), however, the framework has proven successful (time and time again) at giving an executive a tool to get a better intuitive understanding of their business and to allow them to choose the model(s) that should be deployed, managed and e-volved to create value for the long-term. Mr. Levy feels that a systematic proliferation of the Value Framework(tm) among the divisions and departments of a company will provide an outstanding tool for management to share the vision and allow the employees to effectively execute on it.

Mitchell Levy, CEO and Author of THiNKaha®, business consultant & strategist,connector, educator & prognosticator can help your company choose the business models you should deploy today and tomorrow. He guarantees insight about your business with the initial 2-hr "quick-start" consultation. Contact Mr. Levy at: info @ valueframeworkinstitute.org, 408-257-3000.

THE STORY BEHIND THE VALUE FRAMEWORK®: In November, 2001, Mitchell Levy, President of ECnow.com and Author of the book E-Volve-or-Die.com was giving a presentation at Comdex Fall on "Business Models for the 21st Century". In pulling together the presentation, he had an epiphany. He saw an easy way to evaluate companies to ascertain whether they were spending enough energy in the appropriate areas to allow them to be successful both today and in the long-run. The framework is a cross between strategic planning and business process reengineering. It is based on an equation that says that the appropriate business model(s) need to be strategically deployed and continually managed and e-volved within companies. Or rather,
  • V = MS3, where 3 represents cubed
  • V = Value Created, M = Model, and S = Strategy
  • M = (PTPi) where P(1) = Process, T = Transactions, P(2) = Participants, and i = influences
  • S3 = S cubed, where S(1) = Strategy Deployed, S(2) = Strategy Managed, and S(3) = Strategy Evolved

On a bi-monthly basis, the Value Framework® Institute explores the intricacies of the Value Framework® in our eZine. Signup by entering your e-mail address below and click on 'signup'


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