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Using the Value Framework® in your Company (Learn More)
We have applied the Value Framework® in an interactive environment to over 100 companies, including UPS, Sony, General Motors, eBay, Netflix, AT&T, Xerox, Cable & Wireless, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and the HP/Compaq merger to name a few. Check out some of the companies analyzed and articles written utilizing the framework.

Have Your Company Analyzed (Learn More about the 1-Day Strategy Tuneup)
We have a 1-day strategy tune-up for $5,000 that allows us to review the strategies/business models in place and make recommendations on next steps. We guarantee incremental insight into the business or you don't need to pay. Following the first half of the tune-up, we create a 14-page PowerPoint document with the results.

Experimentation Methodology (Learn More about how We Can Help)
Since business models and corporate visions change so rapidly in the 21st century, it's important, no, it's vital to run experiments to determine what "might" work for your company. Read about what the Value Framework® Institute calls an experiment and some content from Mitchell Levy's book E-Volve-or-Die.com stating why experiments are important.



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