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Subject: December 2002 VMS3.info: Top Ten Trends for 2003
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December 3, 2002 *4,400 subscribers* Volume 4, Issue 12
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Top Ten Trends for 2003
by Mitchell Levy, Author, E-Volve-or-Die.com, Author,
the Value Framework™


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#01 - The American Psychological Association Announces its Best Year Ever
#02 - Quiet, Yet Continued Strong Growth in E-Commerce
#03 - The Economy Waffles while Folks Look for "the Breakout Event" and to overcome the dot.bomb Malaise
#04 - Operational Efficiency Continues to be a Key Corporate Driver
#05 - Specialist are In, Generalists are Out
#06 - The Software Industry has Changed Forever
#07 - Web Services Show Demonstrated ROI
#08 - Marketing has Changed Forever
#09 - Significant Inroads Made on Eliminating Spam
#10 - Users Will Get More of What They Want
Bonus Trend: Key Areas to Keep on Eye On Include: Security, Wireless, Real-time Business Intelligence, Broadband


About the Authors:

Mitchell Levy, is President and CEO of ECnow.com (http://ecnow.com), an e-commerce management consulting company helping individuals and corporations transition from the industrial age to the Internet age through strategy, marketing, and off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. He is the author of the book E-Volve-or-Die.com (http://e-volve-or-die.com), creator of the Value Framework and author of the Value Framework Workbook (http://ecnow.com/value/).

Read more about Mr. Levy: http://ecnow.com/ml_bio.htm
Public speaking appearances I've given: http://ecnow.com/speaking.htm
Read about ECnow.com's media coverage: http://ecnow.com/media


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