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  • Announcing the following:
  1. 2005 Economy Book
  2. Outsourcing Book Doing well

Subject: Jan-Mar 2005 eZine: Releasing 2005 Economy Book, Outsourcing Book Doing Well, Working on other titles

Value Framework® Institute eZine: Your Link to Business Strategy
February 1, 2005 *5,500 subscribers* Volume 7, Issue 1
Online at http://ValueFrameworkInstitute.org/publications.html
This Issue online at http://ValueFrameworkInstitute.org/Jan-Mar2005/

In this issue, we wanted to let you know that we're just releasing the 2005 Economy book, that the Outsourcing book is doing well and that we're working on other titles. First, please take a look at the newly released book from Happy About™ titled Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005. It's available today in pdf format for $4.95 and in paperback for $24.95.

"Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005: Predictions from Over 50 Executives" will help you think about expectations for this year. It's a fun and entertaining read. Chapter 1, this year's predictions, can be read in less than 30 minutes. The rest of the book can be finished in less than an hour. You will be glad you spent the time. Read more and order today!

Happy About Outsourcing is doing well and can be purchased in pdf format ($4.95) and in paperback for $24.95.

"Happy About Outsourcing: Over 25 Postive Impact Stories from Executives Who Have Offshored and Outsourced" explores the controversial topic of Outsourcing. It contains 80 pages with quotes and contributions from executives who have "Been There and Done That!". You will learn from some insightful stories and case studies. Read more and order today!

Finally, we are also working on a number of other books. If you'd like to write a book for Happy About™ or would like to suggest a topic, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

Best regards,

Mitchell Levy
CEO & Chief Strategist, Value Framework® Institute

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Happy About

Happy About writes and publishes books for corporations the utililze case studies, testimonials and war stories from those that have "Been There and Done That!". Check our books or white papers.

Contact us if you are a company that would like us to write a book for you or an author that would like to submit a book.

Pick up a book and let us know what you think. We want your feedback. Check out Happy About Outsourcing or Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005.


Silicon Valley Executive Business Program

The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is a unique program that explores business from a CEO's perspective. Students learn from and understand what CEOs are looking for in their people and organizations, especially from C-Level Staff (CXOs). A key element of the program is its practical vs. theoretical focus.

Read more at "SiliconValleyPace.com", get info by e-mailing (info@siliconvalleypace.com) or calling 408-257-3000.



CEOnetworking is a membership organization based in Silicon Valley for Presidents, CEOs and business owners in the high-tech industry. The organization provides an environment where CEOs can share opportunities to help each other succeed.

Read more at "CEOnetworking", contact us about membership by e-mail (info@ceonetworking.com) or phone Mitchell Levy, Thomas Hong, or Joe Hughes at 408-404-6758.


Media Attention Now

Get Your "Media Attention Now™" with a pay-for-performance expert publicist model. Inexpensive prices with guaranteed results or your money back. An unbeatable PR package.

Contact Ericka Wilcox by e-mail (medianow@ecnow.com) or phone (413-243-6661).


ECnow.com, Inc.

ECnow.com is a management consulting firm helping companies grow with strategic consulting and targeted business education. The strategic consulting component focuses on helping companies create and manage the business the models that drive their value.

PLEASE contact us by e-mail (info@ecnow.com) or phone (408-257-3000) if you are a potential client wondering if we can help you or if you are a potential partner wondering about a potential partnership.



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Executive Producer, Mitchell Levy (info @ ValueFrameworkInstitute.org)
Copy Editor, Tejashree Uppala (
info @ ValueFrameworkInstitute.org)

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