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Subject: April 2002 ECMgt.com: AT&T Analyzed via the Value Framework
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April 1, 2002 *4,300 subscribers* Volume 4, Issue 4
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Business News via the Value Framework™ Lenses
Management Perspective

by Mitchell Levy, Author, E-Volve-or-Die.com, Author, the Value Framework™
Executive Producer, VMS3.info

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Return of the ASP
The ASP market may be experiencing a bit of a resurgence. Companies like Del Monte, Nestle Purina and Xerox have recently signed deals to receive e-business applications through an ASP model. However, hose deals all relied on vertical expertise from the provider, meaning businesses may feel more comfortable with ASPs that add niche market
knowledge to the equation.

Qwest CEO To Partners: Hold On For Bumpy Ride In 2002
Qwest Communications International CEO Joe Nacchio is far less optimistic than others about an economic upturn in 2002. Addressing an audience of Qwest partners here in Denver, Nacchio said 2002 will be a turbulent time for the telecom industry and warned partners not to buy into economic upturn hype.



Online Surpasses Catalog at J. Crew
When J. Crew announced its results for February recently, the company highlighted its growing Internet sales as the one bright spot in an otherwise forgettable month. Surprisingly, what it did not say was that it had crossed a threshold that few apparel and general merchandise catalog businesses have crossed: for the first time, J. Crew's Web sales eclipsed its catalog sales.



Why B2B Has Been a Bust - So Far
Just over a year ago, B2B e-commerce was all the rage. As it turned out, moving the buyer-supplier relationship onto the Web was not as easy as it initially seemed. But just because B2B fell short of the hype does not mean it is dead...

Overseas E-Marketplaces Sluggish
A recent report from Forrester Research indicates that European e-marketplaces are encountering many of the difficulties that their American counterparts did. Profitability is a big concern, as 22 of the 25 European e-marketplaces profiled by Forrester are unprofitable, with only eight of those 22 expected to break even in 2002.



Amazon: Free Shipping Paying Off
E-tailer Amazon.com said its free shipping offer is showing "pleasant" results and is helping to boost average order size, though the company likely will report higher shipping costs in coming quarters as a result of the deal...

EBay Strikes Deal with Catalog Outlet
Auction giant eBay has struck a partnership that will let it cozy up to the catalog industry, which in general has excelled at combining its traditional sales channel with the Web...

HP-Compaq Doubles Integration Team
Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer have doubled the number of employees working on their merger integration team. With an apparent victory last week in the shareholder vote on their merger, the two companies now have 1,200 full-time employees working on the integration effort, up from 600 only a month ago.



E-Commerce: Back and Bigger Than Ever?
The e-commerce industry, dominated in the last six months by doom-and-gloom messages, is suddenly awash with profitable earnings reports and growth numbers. So, what is the true state of e-commerce health?

Report: E-Commerce and Web Grew Up in 2001
Economic realities forced e-commerce and the Internet to turn away from voracious growth and focus on long-term viability in 2001, creating a slew of new challenges, according to a report released by Nielsen//NetRatings.

Palm CEO: Turnaround Taking Hold
Palm Computing on Thursday reported a slight increase in revenue for its fiscal third quarter and said the company is still on track to meet its profit goals later this year.
Palm reported revenue of $292.7 million for the quarter ended March 1, up 1 percent from the preceding quarter but down 38 percent from the same quarter last year.



Online Grocery Battle Spreads to San Francisco
Albertsons.com, the online arm of grocery giant Albertson's, has announced it will expand its Web-based grocery shopping service into the San Francisco area, giving it the largest geographic reach of any online grocery provider.

What Does Microsoft's .NET Mean for E-Commerce?
Microsoft .NET has been widely heralded as the next big thing in the Internet world -- and while .NET may not have an immediate and direct impact on e-commerce, it could influence the industry from behind the scenes.

The Web's Weaver Looks Forward
Tim Berners-Lee is lucky: He has been able to watch his creation transform society and business. However, although the World Wide Web will be only 12 years old this December -- six months after its chief architect turns 47 -- Berners-Lee envisions a much richer Web. He calls it the Semantic Web


About the Author:

Mitchell Levy, is President and CEO of ECnow.com (http://ecnow.com), an e-commerce management consulting company helping start-up, medium and large enterprises transition its employees, partners and customers to the Internet age through strategy, marketing, and off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. He is the author of E-Volve-or-Die.com (http://e-volve-or-die.com), author of the Value Framework (http://ecnow.com/value), Executive Producer of VMS3.info (http://VMS3.info), an on-line E-Commerce Management (ECM) eZine, Chair of comdex.biz at Comdex Fall and the Founder and Program Consultant of the premier San Jose State E-Commerce Management Certificate Program (http://ecmtraining.com/sjsu), VP of education for the Silicon Valley Web Guild and the Chairman of the Pay-per-Performance PR Agency Media Attention Now TM (http://ecnow.com/mediaattention) and the on-line learning content production company Transition Learning (http://transitionlearning.com). Mitchell was at Sun Microsystems for 9 years, the last 4 of which he managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5 billion supply chain. Mitchell is a popular speaker, lecturing on ECM issues throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Read more about Mr. Levy: http://ecnow.com/ml_bio.htm
Public speaking appearances I've given: http://ecnow.com/speaking.htm
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