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  1. Announcing "Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting"

Subject: Apr-Jun 2006 eZine: Free Job Posting from LinkedIn

Value Framework® Institute eZine: Your Link to Business Strategy
April 1, 2006 *5,500 subscribers* Volume 8, Issue 2
Online at http://ValueFrameworkInstitute.org/publications.html
This Issue online at http://ValueFrameworkInstitute.org/Apr-Jun2006/

In this issue, I wanted to let you know about the new book "Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting"

This book is priced higher than traditional books since it's a podbook. Not only do you get an eBook or tradebook, you receive access to a password controlled site where you have access to the 12 hours of raw interviews. You also receive a $95 job posting from LinkedIn for free as well as over $450 in other offers (see e-mail below for more details). Although the book will be available for a while, these offers are available for a limited time. Since the book comes with a money-back guarantee, why don't you buy it, learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, and take advantage of these offers(1). You will be glad you did!

With "Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting" you will learn:

  • Why big biller recruiters see LinkedIn as a very effective way to market their services and build their networks (and how they do that!)
  • Why LinkedIn is the smart way to start a search for candidates and often the best tool to complete a search
  • How you can use LinkedIn to find and develop new business in a trust-based network
  • How using LinkedIn effectively can turn what would once have been cold calls into warm calls, with door-opening introductions and third party endorsements.

If have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards,

Mitchell Levy, Publisher & CEO, Happy About
Chief Strategy Office, The Value Framework Institute
publisher @ happyabout.info, 408-257-3000


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Book: Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting: The roadmap for recruiters using LinkedIn

Over 40 recruitment industry leaders, authors, consultants, Big Billers, Human Resource and Staffing professionals and expert LinkedIn users generously share their secrets of LinkedIn success. The book will show recruiters, sourcers and others in the recruitment industry how they can make more effective use of the various tools and resources within LinkedIn.


eBook: $49.95

Tradebook $69.95


When you buy this book, you will also receive:

  • Free $95 job posting on LinkedIn
  • Free $200 software program, Content Capture from Broadlook Technologies
  • Free one month membership at Hireability.com – a $150 value
  • A 20% discount on any eGrabber.com product – potential $100 value
  • Password controlled access to the mp3 interviews of those interviewed for the book and others, plus additional valuable information including:
    • White papers from trainers, coaches and others on networking, using LinkedIn, etc.
    • Tutorials and how to guides on finding candidates, splits and marketing

Reviews of "Happy About LinkedIn For Recruiting"

"Having created the first job board on the Internet and watching/supporting the industry as President of Monster and now as Executive Director of Direct Employers Association, I have a broad view of the overall recruiting marketplace. If you are a recruiter today, you should be using LinkedIn as one of the tools in your arsenal. If you are using LinkedIn as a recruiter, you need to read this book to pick up some of the hidden nuggets that often take months, if not years to unravel."
Bill Warren, Founder and Executive Director of Direct Employers Association

"If the primary goal of recruiting and search professionals is to cash fee checks from happy clients - and it is - then 'Happy About Linked In for Recruiting' is a tremendous leap forward in making that happen. This book and the use of LinkedIn is truly an innovation in recruiting!"
Paul Hawkinson, Publisher - The Fordyce Letter (www.fordyceletter.com)

"Reading Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting was like having a conversation with 100 Different industry professionals all at the same time. This is the definitive guide for recruiters looking to utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer."
Jason Patino, Division Head, Latitude Technical Resources

"Bill Vick is a visionary who has been on the cutting edge of technology his entire career. 'Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting' is another example of Bill developing a tool that will turbo charge your recruiting and marketing efforts. LinkedIn allows you to develop rapport and relationships with individuals who will dramatically increase your ability to reach levels of top production. It is important today to utilize cutting edge tools available, in order for you to "stand out from the crowd."
Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, President - Good as Gold Training, Past NAPS Chairman of the Board

"I picked up a copy of the book and it is AWESOME! It is geared towards recruiters and gives us tips on how best to use LinkedIn. I highly recommend everyone buying a copy."
Tanya Steffen, Recruiter, Right Staff


About the Authors

Bill Vick (LinkedIn profile) spent his early career in executive sales and marketing management with F500 companies focusing on the consumer products industry, computer retail and software industries. He joined Management Recruiters International in 1986 as a recruiter where he was their National Rookie of the year. Subsequent to that, Bill ran his own retained search firm, Vick & Associates which he still maintains.

  • In 1991, Bill formed Solo System, which produced software for the staffing industry
  • In 1996, he sold his recruiting business and software company to focus exclusively on the Internet where he founded Ad-Cast, a collection of internet companies which included Recruiters OnLine Network (RON), a top 100 site, HR.Net, and TheTalentBank.net
  • In 2002, he sold the Ad-Cast collection of companies and launched three not for profit Web sites focusing on recruitment and employment issues, XtremeRecruiting.org, ThePhoenixLink.com, and EmploymentDigest.net

He was a founder and board member of the Pinnacle Society recognizing achievement in the staffing industry, a national speaker for National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPS), served on the Board of Directors of The Texas Association of Personnel Services (TAPS), was an officer with the Metroplex Association of Personnel Services (MAPS) and a founder of the local Dallas Independent Recruiters Group (IRG). He is an active speaker, and writer on career issues, recruiting trends and employment technology.


Des Walsh (LinkedIn profile) is a business coach and blogging evangelist, with lengthy experience as an executive and consultant in both the public and private sectors. He has authored or co-authored reports and manuals, in diverse fields from government policy in education and the arts, to training manuals for executives in the transport industry.

Des is currently a business coach and specializes in supporting business owners wanting to make effective use of blogging and other social networking tools. He is a founding member of the International Association of Coaches and a member of Coachville.com. A member of several LinkedIn groups, Des is moderator of the LinkedIn Bloggers group.


100% Money Back Guarantee:

Our books offer a 100% money back guarantee. Pick up one today and see if you agree with our other customers that have enjoyed our books.


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Executive Producer, Mitchell Levy (info @ ValueFrameworkInstitute.org)
Copy Editor, Tejashree Uppala (
info @ ValueFrameworkInstitute.org)

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