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Management Perspective
by Mitchell Levy, Author, E-Volve-or-Die.com
Better, Faster and Maybe Cheaper

With continued learning and experimentation, companies will build better products and services by utilizing the multiple capabilities of their companies and their partners. Price may still be a determinant in customers buying decisions, but value received is becoming more important than price alone. New ways to conduct business enabled by technology will lead to many new opportunities for companies, with improved choices for customers and more efficient payment mechanisms for the exchange of value between parties.

Better, faster, and maybe cheaper, has been the story of the Internet and Web-based commerce for over five years. Technology brings the ability to apply strategy to networked economies, and offers businesses and consumers alike the ability to choose from a wider selection of often custom built products and services. Today, the Global 2000 have created an entirely new infrastructure of software, applications, and e-business rules that has reshaped the world's economy in less than a decade. Today, companies in all vertical industries are spending a significant portion of their revenues, (often over ten percent of corporate resources) on e-business initiatives. Vertical markets including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and education have been completely redefined by the inter-section of computation, communications, and process.

In this article we will focus on key trends created by these innovations, including new partner strategies, the rise of collaborative commerce, focusing on value provided for consumers rather than on price, and the rise of e-process. But these initiatives are not always done cheaply or successfully. Over 20% of the R&D and technology budgets of Global 2000 firms are invested in Information Technology, and Internet budgets and initiatives often exceed $100 million per year.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) tools have been widely adopted over the past decade, as companies sought a more intimate relationship with their customers in order to intelligently predict and satisfy their needs. The advent of the Internet has fostered the means to allow partners to have visibility of each other, the enterprise, and the combined views of customers that enterprises desired just a few short years ago. Collaborative commerce, the extended ecosystem of enterprise, partners, and customers, was born as marketplaces promised free interchange of information, customer visibility, and combined inventories of enterprise participants.

However, the lack of liquidity forced an early retreat from the promise of "global intelligence". Collaborative commerce was reborn in ePRM, addressing the business problem of channel conflict. OEM vendors Sun, Oracle, HP, IBM, and Compaq have leveraged channels for much of their sales, yet issues of lead and opportunity management have always been a struggle for these firms. Business consumers have likewise had difficulty in piecing together complex solutions, where services, hardware, and applications are configured, priced, and delivered by channels.

Value has now become more important than price, especially for financial services, such as banking, equities, and insurance. Today, managing cash and investments, providing flexible benefits and pensions for employees, and integrating information from multiple sources provide new and custom offerings that are better and faster, but certainly not cheaper. Personalization drives customer retention through fostering intimacy of contact, messaging, and flexibility - customers can "order off the menu".

Pharmaceutical firms, now called "Big Pharma", have grown by incorporation of biotechnology into the long, expensive, and failure-prone process required to bring new drugs to market profitably. Today, 350 pharmaceutical firms are leveraging network and computational technology to harness the knowledge of the human genome to discover new approaches to disease, cutting the time to market by years. Pharma now include networks of labs and physicians, and data moving rapidly among peers involved in collaborative modeling, discovery, and testing of new drugs. Yet cost has not been a driver, because time to market with greater chance of success yields profit.

Semiconductor firms use e-business applications to organize workflow between sales and engineering groups in complex sales cases, such as the design of complicated custom devices that are designed into systems that will be sold in millions of units of finished products. Managing these complex activities without e-business applications is time-consuming and human-intensive, and firms often lose sales to competitors because of resource management problems, rather than technology issues.

New ways of doing business have been boosted by the ability of industries to merge products, and services, and ultimately value, through multi-channel delivery. The ability of telecommunications giants to provide - through a single wire - integrated voice over data, network (LAN) fax, and Internet connectivity services, as well as outsourced storage, network, and business services, has reshaped the design and delivery of business information. Players in this field have targeted financial services, health care, and manufacturing sectors, where maintaining IT and business management services can be particularly challenging. Observation of key players in the telecommunications industry, including giants like Qwest, AT&T, Level 3, and Verizon, has shown that better and faster isn't always cheaper, and many participants have jumped too hastily and made poor investments.

Education, not seen as a vertical market eagerly to engage in e-business, is about to become a trillion-dollar industry through the combined efforts of networks, distance learning strategies, and the webification of education content from higher education (colleges and universities) to corporate retraining and life-long learning. Many of the Global 2000 now invest 5% of annual salaries on training, and with travel and work schedules a constant challenge, distance learning becomes a viable, (if not preferred) choice. It is better and faster, but delivery is not necessarily cheaper. Currently, investment is remaining fairly constant, but yielding more efficient and effective results, and more profits for firms providing health, business applications, language and management training.

Surprisingly, pioneers in convergence of electronic, print, and integrated office services, including Ricoh, Canon, and Kodak, struggled to bring strategy into market alignment with where technology was driving their companies and industry. Yes, technology, networks, and integrating applications and services made office business processes faster, and probably better, but in the short term, product and market confusion appear to be ruling the day. The rebirth, or convergence, of networked office automation, is still a "work in progress", but is progressing.

As the new century spins into its second full year, and the Web complete its first decade, evolution of technology, strategy, and market is in full swing. While industries like Pharma, semiconductors, financial services, telecommunications, office automation, and education have found new ways of collaborative design and delivery of services, other firms are still as Geoffrey Moore so aptly put it, "in the Tornado". Evolution in e-business, as in nature, is a long process.




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Office automation:



About Mitchell Levy
Mitchell Levy, is President and CEO of ECnow.com (
http://ecnow.com), a training business service provider helping companies transition its employees, partners and customers to the Internet age through off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. He is the author of E-Volve-or-Die.com, Executive Producer of ECMgt.com, an on-line E-Commerce Management (ECM) e-zine, Chair of comdex.biz at Comdex Fall and Chicago and the Founder and Program Coordinator of the premier San Jose State E-Commerce Management Certificate Program (http://ecmtraining.com/sjsu). Mitchell is a popular speaker, lecturing on ECM issues throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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Better, Faster and Maybe Cheaper
By Phil Weaver, President of Platform Computing

Whether you're in e-commerce or a traditional enterprise company with Internet, intranet or extranet functions, you cant escape the words better, faster, cheaper. They're ingrained into our vocabulary and our minds. They're a part of our everyday goals and objectives. They're the words that push us and help us achieve a competitive advantage over other companies in our space.

The truth is that there should be a new mantra in the world of e-commerce. We should be chanting reliable, available and intelligent. No longer is it enough to keep your website up and running. You need to ensure that you're able to scale quickly and efficiently to meet customer demand. Beyond that, you need to make sure all of the backend systems that support your e-commerce efforts are reliable, available, and able to take intelligent corrective action.

With the arrival of the Internet as a global communications tool, it is clear that companies have a critical need to manage their Web-related resources.

Some may argue that the solution is to add more hardware. My response is that you have to have software to manage all of those hardware assets as well as your software, data and networks. Adding hardware may increase your capacity, but if the machine fails, your customers are the big losers. Adding more hardware simply increases the management demands of your systems.

Another alternative would be to add more people to monitor the systems and fix the problems. Anyone who follows technology knows that there is a critical shortage of people trained in Internet infrastructure. Up until now, the only solution was to hire expensive people who eventually get frustrated with the growing demands and mundane tasks involved in keeping a site healthy. This scenario clearly indicates a critical business need for automation.

E-commerce companies today are slowly getting up to speed on Distributed Resource Management (DRM) tools that can prevent their e-commerce websites and backend systems from crashing. DRM software can keep Web-based business operations status quo and eliminate the need to yank systems administrators out of bed in the middle of the night to troubleshoot problems.

Today, DRM software enables companies to enhance the availability, reliability and performance of systems, applications and services that support Web sites, extranets and intranets. Software products, such as SiteAssure by Platform Computing, use load balancing, deep monitoring, multi-tiered escalation and task automation to allow administrators to control application environments easily and automatically. They can be combined with workload management products to provide highly scalable and reliable application provisioning for the most demanding computing needs.

In addition, today's DRM tools allow companies to program expertise into the software so that problems are automatically addressed and corrected without human intervention. Such automated problem-solving is fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Faster, better and maybe cheaper? The answer is yes. With DRM tools, it's faster to have your systems take intelligent corrective action than to do it manually. Your e-commerce operations become more reliable and generally more available, so they provide a better experience for the end user. And cheaper? Absolutely. By using intelligent software, you're not spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on additional infrastructure that require more human resources to manage.

Companies that not only want to survive, but also prosper in the world of e-commerce need to change their vocabularies. Faster, better, cheaper just won't do it. Reliable, available and intelligent will.


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Worldwide Appliance Server Revenues Are on Course to Exceed $31 Billion by 2005
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Survey sees IM war between AOL, Microsoft
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Forget Electrons - Computing Goes Light-Speed
Scientists say a "simple" computer they have built combining quantum mechanics with laser technology may perform some calculations a billion times faster than anything currently in use, eventually making today's most powerful supercomputers seem like toys.

Getting Up on the Downloads in the US
Everybody's getting up on music downloads in the US -- 30 million adult internet users in the US downloaded music in February 2001.

Baby Boomers To Drive E-Travel Sales
A projected shift in online user demographics in the coming years will likely fuel an even greater boom for the online travel sector, according to data released by IDC.

Viewers are ready for interactive TV
An interactive TV study released by TechTrends Inc. says most major pay television networks can simplify their interactive TV programming decisions by recognizing which services are most likely to attract viewers.

Q1 Online Spending in US Increases
eShopping is a feeling...and 13.5 million US households expressed that feeling by spending $3.5 billion online in March 2001.

The Net is changing the way Americans consume media
The growing interest in the Internet is switching people off traditional media sources -- television, newspapers, and radio -- according to the results of a new study.

Worldwide Napstered PCs
The court injunction changed things: in March 2001, 38% of global PCs had Napster installed -- a decline of 6% from February.

Strong Growth Predicted to Continue in European Internet Market
AOL and Roper Starch have conducted their Cyberstudy report for three years to gauge consumer adoption and use of the Internet. Now, AOL Europe has gotten in on the act and examined the European Internet audience.

The Rising Tide
The lower middle class now accounts for one-sixth of the U.S. population, amounting to a market worth as much as $120 billion per year.

Internet Becoming Preferred Information Source
More than 60 percent of the respondents to a survey by the Content Intelligence Group of Lyra Research chose the Internet for personal and special interest information needs, compared to 18 percent for magazines.

Knowledge Management Still Has a Long Way to Go in European Organizations
Only 64% of European organizations have implemented an intranet, according to a recent IDC survey

Australia Third in Internet Use Behind U.S., Sweden
A third of Australian households have Internet access, making the country the third-highest per capita user of the Web behind Sweden and the United States.

Almost 50 percent of online purchases aborted
A report just issued suggests that up to 50 percent of online transactions are aborted before their completion.

SMEs Want Fixed Broadband Wireless
A new report from Insight Research says that small and medium-sized businesses will soon be clamoring for fixed broadband wireless services.

Minority, Low-Income Internet Use Increases
More than half of the African-American households in the United States are now linked to the Internet, according to a study by comScore Networks, which also found low-income and seniors are increasing their online presence.



The database race gets hotter
Fourth place isn't good enough for Sybase, which trails IBM, Oracle and Informix in the database market. But Sybase is poised to swoop into new areas through its pending $373 million acquisition of New Era Of Networks.

Bluesocket introduces first secure Bluetooth technology
Bluesocket, the 802.11b wireless Internet specialist, has taken the wraps off a technology that bridges the wireless Net and the world of Bluetooth.

HP adopting Debian Linux for internal R&D
Computer and printer maker HP is standardizing on Debian Linux for its internal research and development work after deciding that using multiple versions of the open-source operating system was too unwieldy.

PurchasePro Billing Software No Longer 'All in the Family'
There are two ways to get technology -- build it or buy it. When the first approach fails to make the grade, only one road remains open - and that is the route PurchasePro is traveling with its decision to use billing and monitoring technology from Erogo.

Intel gears up for 64-bit processor rollout
Itanium, Intel's latest processor, is due out May 29 and represents the company's first foray into 64-bit chips.

Microsoft patches hole in Windows 2000 Web servers
Microsoft Corp. said all users of its IIS 5.0 Web server software should install a security patch made available if their Web sites are hosted on machines running its Windows 2000 operating system.

Seeking shelter from HailStorm
Jan Brady hated it. Al Gore hated it. And now Sun Microsystems is tired of playing second fiddle. That's why Sun has unveiled a new peer-to-peer and B2B endeavor to counter Microsoft.

Sega to whip up 10 titles for GameCube
Sega, which scrapped its own Dreamcast game console earlier this year to focus on software development, says it will provide 10 game titles for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube.

PDA-to-desktop remote-control technology debuts
TDK Systems Europe has developed a system it says allows a handheld Palm personal digital assistant to control a desktop machine from almost anywhere.

Intel or Unix? Customers face a tough choice
As Intel's server chips become more powerful and Microsoft addresses doubts about how far its operating system can reliably scale reliably, enterprise customers face an increasingly tough choice over what type of server is most appropriate and cost-effective for running large-scale corporate applications.

Will Internet Appliances Rebound?
Despite recent reversals for the budding Web appliance industry, the future is bright for such products as Web pads and digital audio receivers, according to some industry analysts.

Nortel focused on Ethernet over optical fiber and voice over IP
In announcements at Networld+Interop in Las Vegas, Nortel Networks said it was piloting a system for running Ethernet over optical fiber in metropolitan-area networks and announced that it will soon ship a new voice over IP phone system

Exploit puts pressure on for IIS Web server patch
Network administrators who have been tardy to patch a serious security hole in the latest versions of Web-server software from Microsoft Corp. now have another reason to get on the stick

Self-Managing" Oracle 9i on track for June
Oracle's upcoming 9i database, now in beta among 350 partners and customers, is still on track to ship in June, and 9i will also add a number of new systems management features

Three PC makers slash prices for desktop models
Compaq, Dell and Hewlett-Packard cut desktop PC prices from 20% to 31%, reflecting the economic slowdown, lower component costs and competitive pressure.

SkyCross develops multiband cell phone antenna
SkyCross, the wireless antenna specialist, has developed a new wide-band antenna that can be used on a mobile device, including a cellular phone, for any frequency between 800 megahertz and 2.5 gigahertz.

Novell GroupWise poised for Palm
Novell is now on the verge of adding Palm connectivity to GroupWise, an enterprise e-mail and calendaring environment that recently debuted support for three other mobile platforms.

Pockets of Storage Appear in the Home
As today's consumers become familiar with products like personal video recorders, they are also beginning to understand how the presence of hard disk drive-based storage in the home can enhance the quality of their audio and video entertainment.

Network Processor Adoption Continues Showing Evidence That Market Is Poised for Takeoff
Design Win Momentum Is Building in Next-Generation Networking Systems

Let the Games Begin
Big game hunters Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony introduce their latest wares, all expected to be in the stores before Christmas.

World's First JPEG 2000 Chip Transforms Digital Photography
Digital still cameras integrating new chip from Analog Devices gain photo-by-photo control over image quality and file size

Computer Users May Soon Get 3-D Screens
Computer users may soon be able to work on screens with displays that give the appearance of being three dimensional.



Visa pushes online security software on merchants and banks
Visa U.S.A. on plans to announce a new cardholder authentification application that IT managers at participating banks and online retailers can install to force customers to enter a password after each Internet purchase.

EarthLink Launches High-Speed Satellite Web Access
By launching its high-speed satellite internet access service, EarthLink propels itself into markets where cable and DSL access are unavailable.

World's First Interactive Cable TV Service and Receiver to Feature DVR TV
Cabo Portugal SA and Microsoft Corp. announced details for the commercial deployment of the world's first interactive cable TV service to include digital video recording functionality delivered via an advanced set-top receiver.

Prepping for the B2C resurgence
According to at least one expert, solutions providers better pay attention, since B2B systems will soon be ubiquitous and the market will dry up.

Wireless Web Services Boost DoCoMo Profit
NTT DoCoMo Inc, Japan's largest wireless operator, reported a stronger-than-expected record US$3bil net profit for the past business year, powered by its fast-growing mobile Internet services.

European Mobile Payments - Can't Pay, Won't Pay
Despite retailers' enthusiasm for mobile payment, consumers don't want it, providers can't offer it, and technology can't support it

Trend Micro CEO Foresees New Software Business Model in China
Fortune Technology Roundtable / Broadband Internet access is about to change the software business model in China, especially in the security sector

The Internet Revolution in Banking Reaches the Foreign Exchange Market
The ongoing revolution in the foreign exchange (forex) market further confirms the pervasive effect of Internet technology on banking, according to IDC

Earthlink launches satellite Internet access
Earthlink Inc. has rolled out two-way high-speed Internet access via satellite to expand its broadband coverage to areas not served by cable and digital subscriber line.

Visa smart card technology almost ready for prime time
Visa U.S.A. said it has completed the development of hardware that retailers need to process smart card transactions.

GE Supply Launches Ordering From the Palm of Your Hand
Handheld, remote ordering of products from GE Supply, the electrical, voice and data products distribution business of GE, via its gesupply.com Web site, is now online

The Day the Rebates Died
Customers of bankrupt e-tailer CyberRebate.com are banding together to demand payment for rebates they were promised, but never received. But bankruptcy experts say it's unlikely the company will pay much back.

AT&T broadband boosts cable Internet fees
AT&T Broadband said it will raise its cable Internet access fees by $6 per month, effective June 1.

RealNetworks unveils Napster-like service
RealNetworks gave a first public look at the MusicNet subscription service his company is building, describing features that resemble Napster's file-swapping service.

Last Mile Threat to Wireless Operators Profits
At a time when mobile operators are planning new forms of wireless service, industry research indicates that as much as 10 percent of today's potential voice revenues are effectively leaking into thin air

Master Card Boosts Security
MasterCard International stepped up efforts to fight online fraud and protect online merchants from hackers.

UK Employers View The Internet As A Valuable Recruitment Channel
Employers of UK view the internet as a valuable recruitment channel

ICANN completes negotiations for new Internet suffixes
Internet addressing authorities last week cleared one of the last major hurdles standing in the way of two new global Internet domains - ".biz" and ".info."

Moving Into Sun's JavaSpace
Sun's JavaSpace concept is like 'a singles bar for clients and services,' and a startup hopes its new platform provides a perfect marriage.

Nokia Looks to Linux For Games
The Finnish electronics giant unveils a Website with the hopes that open-source developers will create games and other software for its new set-top boxes.

Mass Mailers Say U.S. Postal Service Is Inefficient
A coalition of mass mailers issued a blistering report on U.S. Postal Service productivity, criticizing the agency for driving up stamp prices with shoddy management practices.

IBM Aims For The .Net
IBM will take major steps to bolster its Web services offerings and provide a clear alternative to Microsoft's efforts in this arena.



Pitfalls in the Customer Loyalty Quest
The old axiom that it is cheaper to get sales from existing clients than from new ones is more than a pithy expression -- it also cuts to the heart of a new study by Forrester Research that delves into the mysteries surrounding customer loyalty.

IBM's new partnering experiment
Amid sushi and vegetable platters, IBM business partners are exchanging business cards, part of Big Blue's latest experiment in partnering dubbed "Business Partner Connections" events.

Clothing Retailer Finds Worldwide Business On The Web
Sam Taylor, VP of International operations at Lands' End, recently spoke with Computerworld's Carol Sliwa about the company's successful global operations and strategy.

Pepsi foots the bill for wireless ads
Pepsico became the latest in a growing number of major international companies to use wireless advertising as a way to sell products, with the soda maker launching a campaign thinly disguised as a game played on a cell phone.

Wireless Games Mean Big Bucks
Wireless games, hugely popular in Japan and elsewhere around the globe, will soon attract a large fan base in the United States, according to the Yankee Group.

British Airways blames reduced traffic on computer glitch
British Airways said that a recent computer glitch contributed to a 20 million pound drop in revenues, and will continue to impact revenues for weeks to come.

Business via the indirect channel
Aiming to reduce costs and increase profits, some vendors are using the Net for direct sales and marketing initiatives, eliminating the indirect channel from the value chain.

E.piphany Pitches New Sales App
In a bid to round out its offerings and challenge Siebel Systems and Oracle Corp. for CRM supremacy, software maker E.piphany has rolled out a new direct sales application as part of its CRM suite.

Amazon Has No Plans to Open Retail Outlets
Don't expect Amazon.com to venture into this newfangled click-and-mortar hype anytime soon. While many offline retailers that went online saw profits surge, Amazon has no plans to embark on the rockier online-to-offline road.

Relearn how to sell
In tough times you have to prove there's a reason why your customers need your services. Every salesperson with an ounce of training knows these basic techniques, but you'll have to forgive the industry's salespeople if their skills are a little rusty.

Advertising Businesses are Weak
Although its advertising-based businesses are experiencing weak results, The Washington Post Company's fastest-growing divisions are making good progress

Online Retail Revenues Rise in North America
The online retail market in North America will rise from $44.5 billion in 2000 to over $65 billion in 2001, representing a 46% jump.

A Fight for the Top of the TV
Personal video recorders like TiVo were supposed to be huge. A renewed marketing push finally might fulfill that promise.

Crystal palace
Thanks to Digital River, Crystal Decisions, maker of the Crystal Reports family of Windows-based reporting tools, software downloads now account for 45 percent of all online sales.

Consumer Goods Firms Boost Ads at Niche Web Sites
A Jupiter Media Metrix report revealed consumer packaged goods companies are spending more dollars on highly targeted ads.

The Shift to a Services-Based Integration Paradigm Is Ushering in a New Era of eBusiness
eBusiness is evolving big time. Leading the evolutionary process now is a paradigm shift from accessing and/or integrating specific applications on specific platforms to interacting with an environment composed of services.

B-To-C Websites Average 54,000 Visitors Per Week; 12% Buy!
The total number of web site visitors on a weekly basis average nearly 36,000, with B-to-C segments reporting as many as 54,000 in a week

AOL Latin America Membership Surpasses 750,000
AOL Latin America Inc. said its membership has surpassed 750,000, citing its aggressive marketing campaign in the region and partnership with Brazil's Banco Itau SA.

Future Success in Global Handset Market Dependent on Survival of the Fittest
Corporate-level stability, effective management, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions are the key factors that determine survival vs. failure for manufacturers in the competitive global wireless handset business.

The Road to eBusiness Maturity Goes Through Enterprise Information Management
Businesses are racing toward ever-greater uses of Internet technology to achieve ebusiness maturity.

Potential for Widespread Adoption of Streaming Media
The use of multimedia content is increasingly employed as a vehicle to sell products and services as well as to inform and educate users.

Five Distinct Groups Of Sports-Savvy Europeans To Guide Consumer Technology And Packaged Goods Firms
Sports-savvy consumers have a higher uptake of technology, making them very attractive to both consumer technology and packaged goods companies

Bill Takes On Ads at School
The Senate is considering provisions to a bill that would restrict the amount of information marketers can zap students with. Naturally, the ad people don't like it.


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Ariba to focus on 5 industries
Ariba announced that it plans to concentrate its development efforts on five vertical industries, but customers expressed skepticism that the business-to-business software vendor will be able to get the market share it wants.

B2B sites lacking customer service
There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to customer service provided by business-to-business marketplaces.

CA, Kyocera Build WASP Data Centers
Computer Associates International, Inc. has forged an East-meets-West partnership with Kyocera Communication Systems Co. to build wireless data centers that will be marketed to application service providers and large enterprise customers.

SAS, Hyperion tackle supplier relationship management
As a slowing economy and the drive to outsource all but a company's core technology puts the cost of buying goods under scrutiny, managing the supplier relationship may supplant e-procurement as the key strategy to reduce spending.

Schema speeds wireless networks
Schema is helping wireless carriers maximize the use of their networks, but that's just its latest incarnation.

After The B-To-B Revolution
It was going to be a $6 trillion miracle, changing industries from auto parts to aerospace. Now it's just another piece of software.

Ingersoll-Rand Offers Procurement Service
Ingersoll-Rand launched its new 21st Supplier service, which will handle the online procurement processes for Fortune 1,000 firms looking to connect their smallest suppliers to their back ends.

An outsourcing partnership that really works
Proving to be an exception to the sorry state of many vendor-customer outsourcing partnerships, the relationship between retailer Beach Street and turnkey POS solutions provider Kliger- Weiss Info Systems is smooth and friendly.

Users Anticipate Integrated Lawson/Siebel Applications
Analyst says users will most likely be eager to learn about the integration of Siebel software with Lawson's ERP suite and its analytical products.

IBM, Microsoft Launch B2B Directory; Response Slow
IBM and Microsoft launched the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration directory, a Yellow Pages-style B2B directory that allows companies to locate business partners, but only a dozen or so end-user firms are backing the vendor-led directory.

Model N emerges at last
Zack Rinat is ready to unleash Model N, his B2B startup whose software allows companies to establish a private network with customers and partners so that business processes such as order management and contract management can be automated.

Netspace Moves Its Net Space
One of the Internet's oldest e-mail listservs is graduating from college, moving to the big city, and refocusing.

B2B Vendors Must Start Focusing On Basics
Attendees at Commerce One's user's conference in New Orleans said confusion reigns in the B2B arena.

Oracle, Akamai Cache In
Oracle and Akamai have teamed to create a technology that they say accelerates the delivery of Web content by caching dynamic and static Internet pages.

Gorilla Tactics
Forget all those standards committees and industry consortia that talk about XML-based business-to-business e-commerce. The 800-pound gorillas in your supply chain will be calling the shots.

LMGT's CEO pushes his company to the first tier of systems integrators
CEO of Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (LMGT), readily admits that he heads a "second-tier" systems integration company.

Outsell Launches First Definitive Study On European B2B Information Content End Users
European I-AIM(TM)to Examine Use Habits, Preferences and Budgets of Information End Users in Major UK, German, and French Corporations

MarketSoft, MarketFirst boost B2B marketing
Marketing on the Internet isn't only about selling to consumers as two new marketing automation software offerings clearly attest.

ASP group unveils contract guidelines
The ASP Industry Consortium and the World Intellectual Property Organization released a set of recommendations and guidelines that address global dispute avoidance and resolution procedures for application service providers

B2B standards push by rival vendors faces big challenges
IBM's announcement of a new Web services architecture makes it the latest in a line of technology vendors to promise support for open B2B standards. But making it all work isn't expected to be easy.

Data centers run for cover
At the height of the dot-com boom, one business was even more fashionable than the half-witted e-tailers: data centers.

Small business coalition launches
CompTIA, 3Com, Gateway, Intel co-found organization.



Peace, Quiet and a T-1 Line
The prosperity of companies providing public Internet access depends largely on business travelers being inconvenienced by delayed flights and spotty wireless access.

Any Web site can be a hacking target
Security analysts said automated scanning tools and hacking probes can target seemingly improbable Web sites, emphasizing the importance of installing patches for known vulnerabilities on all Web servers.

The Graying Prince of a Shrinking Kingdom
Older and smarter, the CEO whipped his company back into the black. Is Apple on the verge of big things, or is it becoming perfectly irrelevant?

$1 Million Hacker Dare Planned to Promote Internet Security Device
A year-old security technology company from Canada is so sure its products can protect PCs from Net-connected hackers that it is planning a million-dollar challenge to prove it.

Goings and Leavings in the Valley
Many who have done well during the recently concluded Bay Area's boom are pulling a Jules Verne. Others who have crashed are doing a fast exit, according to Craigslist.

Users hold back on plans for .Net
At a Microsoft-related conference, many IT managers said they're confused by the software vendor's multifaceted .Net technology initiative and aren't rushing to make plans to move to the new Web-based computing services platform.

IM, you IM, we all IM
Cheaper and not as intrusive as a phone call, but with more immediacy than e-mail, instant messaging (IM) has proven to be a real plus for keeping business communications going.

Get Over Yourself
Your ego is out of control. You're screwing up your career. Jack Welch, David Pottruck, and others can help you get control of your huge self. As if you care.

Disney to launch enhanced ABC.com
A revamped ABC.com, featuring expanded entertainment and news content, will go up in September under a consolidation by parent Walt Disney Co.

Start-up Profits From E-Legal Activities
DataCert's Web-based ShareDoc/Legal billing system facilitates transactions between corporate legal departments and law firms and integrates with many legal management systems, making accounting and validation of charges easier.

Professor warns of threat to free speech
Edward Felten, the Princeton University professor who was muzzled from giving a speech about cracking digital watermarks, warned that if it happened to him, it could happen to you.

Dot What?
Seven new Internet domain names now offer more cyber real estate. But is anyone buying?

Anonymity Takes a D.C. Hit
New legislation would require federally funded schools and libraries to block access on their computers to anonymous Internet services.

Internet stress testing
It's extremely tempting to believe that there is no such thing as too much Web traffic. But unlike other forms of popular mass media, Web sites have limited traffic capacity and break when forced to exceed that capacity.

The World Isn't Ending And I'm Not Going Away
IBM chief Louis V. Gerstner, the ground hog of top corporate executives, poked his head out for his annual forecast: the fright in the technology industry is way overdone, and IBM is set to prosper from a real boom in e-commerce.

Study and Play Soar, While Work-at-Home Flattens
There's no place like home for Americans, much more now than even a few years ago, a new study reveals

Amazon, the Portal? E-tailer Begins Movie Listings
Amazon.com reached beyond retail for the first time, launching a movie-listing site that will be supported by advertising. "In Theaters" will initially be supported by advertising from Buena Vista Pictures, a division of media giant Disney.

Shaheen and Webvan Take Each Other for a Costly Ride
To say that George Shaheen got a golden parachute when he dashed out the door leaving struggling home grocer Webvan behind would be the understatement of the year.

Hackers Cash in on E-Commerce Bug
In April, a devastating bug was found in shopping cart software called 'PDG' that exposed all customer records on about 4,000 Web sites.

In Online Advertising, Context is King
Advertising columnist Tom Hespos evaluates Websites that have seized the targeted marketing opportunity afforded by the medium.

Ad Bureau Chief On A Revival Mission
Robin Webster has the tricky task of leading a trade group whose trade has been in a free fall for months.

Online garden marketplace withers away
Egarden.com is calling it quits, becoming the latest public industry marketplace to be nipped in the bud.



Germany Wants Big Business to Help Win Hacker War
The German Government is to seek the help of the private sector in its bid to improve security on the web.

Arizona governor vetoes cyberdefense bill
Despite a veto of an Arizona cybersecurity law by Gov. Jane Hull, one proponent of the legislation, which some said could serve as a national model, thinks he will ultimately prevail.

Rep. Bob Barr, Others Challenge House Bill To Reduce Junk E-Mail
A bill seeking to criminalize unsolicited commercial e-mail ran into trouble in a House committee as business leaders and lawmakers declared their opposition to the legislation.

Wandering Around at I-World
Berlin's Internet World keeps growing and growing. But that's just in size. In terms of interest and buzz, well, it's seen better days.

IT training tax-credit bill filed in the House
A bill sent to the U.S. House of Representatives today mirrors one filed in the U.S. Senate that would give businesses and workers a tax credit of $1,500 for IT training.

European eCommerce Barriers
While there are countless factors playing into why European e-commerce lags behind the US, analyst Nevin Cohen is most alarmed by the disparity in IT investments.

Both sides pleased with DVD oral arguments
Combatants on either side of the legal battle over DVD-encryption said that they were pleased with oral arguments before a federal appeals court.

State CIOs launch online government marketplace
An organization of state CIOs is building an online exchange to promote the reuse of components when building applications.

Committee Approves Tauzin-Dingell Broadband Bill
Although statistically a win for Billy Tauzin, committee chairman and John Dingell, the two sponsors of the bill, a key amendment struck down in a tie vote at the session showed that support for the bill is going to be an uphill affair.

Beware of Predatory HIPAA Consultants
Complex regulations in the health care industry have forced IT managers to carefully manage their relationship with consultants.

MusicNet Warbles in Washington
It wasn't exactly a battle of the bands, but two forces in the music industry squared off in Congress, with digital music publishers arguing for changes in copyright laws and the record labels and artists arguing against any modifications.

Health care groups to review telecommuting policies
Privacy and security regulations that would require health care organizations to perform a complete operations overhaul will include a review of telecommuting policies.

Canada: The great tech north?
Wanted: U.S. tech companies to migrate north to Canada. Perks include good scenery, low cost of living and lower taxes. Canada also has plenty of electricity.

House Subcommittee Questions Need For Compulsory License
Seeking to impress lawmakers with their newfound friendship and a brand new technology, digital music providers and record companies asked a House subcommittee to consider a proposal to extend current copyright law to include streaming online music and content.

New Zealand government to bring legislation online
The New Zealand government has moved forward with a project that will make all New Zealand legislation available to the public online, for free.

Experts Promote Legalization of Internet Gambling in Nevada
The state of Nevada would earn substantial tax revenue from the regulation of Internet gambling, according to some experts who monitor online gambling.

Music Licensing Battle Hits DC
RealNetworks says Congress should force music publishers to let songs be purchased online. But the copyright owners say the Feds should back off, and politicians seem to agree.

Senators call for addition of federal CIO
Two U.S. senators, joined by a group of 10 co-sponsors, filed legislation that proposes the creation of a federal CIO who would be responsible for all of the government's IT operations.

Users Mold Security Benchmark
The problem with IT security benchmarks is that the reference point is a constantly shifting target as new technologies and threats emerge.

WAA Releases First Batch of Mobile Ad Standards
The largest wireless advertising group took tentative steps toward addressing problems of standardization and definitions in mobile media

Interpol Posts Advice Against IT Crime on Website
The international police organization Interpol has stepped up its action against cybercrime with a new section on its Web site on how to combat malicious computer viruses.

BT Cellnet Launches U.K.s First Consumer GPRS Service
BT Cellnet announced the launch of its General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) service that gives U.K. consumers the first chance to experience high-speed mobile Internet access.

Online taxes, privacy changes coming
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry predicted that online taxes will eventually be imposed and announced plans to reintroduce legislation creating an 'opt-out' only standard for privacy on the Web.



HP, Accenture expand outsourcing alliance
Hewlett-Packard and Accenture announced an outsourcing alliance focusing on moving clients from legacy applications to newer technologies.

Commerce Ready To Approve ICANN-VeriSign Deal
The Commerce Department will approve a deal that gives VeriSign near - permanent control over the global "dot-com" Internet registry in exchange for VeriSign agreeing to relinquish the "dot-net" registry earlier than it had planned.

Thinking of Buying a High-Tech Start-up? Read This First
Managers in large, established firms look worriedly at the pace and variety of innovation in their industry and wonder how - if at all - they can keep up relying on internal R&D alone

Boeing advances plans for Net-friendly skies
The Boeing Co. lined up content aggregator ScreamingMedia to provide Web content for the aircraft maker's in-flight Internet access service, which is due to launch in the middle of next year.

AOL Time Warner Strikes Deals with Cisco, CVS
AOL Time Warner Inc. said it expanded its technology and marketing deal with networking giant Cisco Systems Inc. and made CVS Corp.'s pharmacies a primary retail partners for its ``You've Got Pictures'' service.

Wine.com decanted into EVineyard
Not all wine gets better with age. Six years and some $200 million in venture-capital funding since the launch of Wine.com, has been swallowed by a competitor launched with a grubstake of just $20 million.

Compaq, Intel team to offer thin servers
Compaq Computer Corp. and Intel Corp. said they are working together to build an "ultra-dense" server designed to do more with less

KB Toys Grabs eToys' Name and Site
Brick-and-click toy store KB Toys announced that it has purchased the Web site, name and logo of defunct toy e-tailer eToys at a bankruptcy auction for approximately US$3.35 million.

Online build-to-order carmaker looks for boost from merger
Model E, a start-up that hasn't sold any of the luxury build-to-order vehicles it made available via the Web last fall, said it plans to merge with another company focused on mass customization of automotive products.

Virgin teaming with Sprint on new wireless carrier
After almost three months of negotiations, Virgin Mobile, the wireless joint venture between Virgin Group and Deutsche Telekom in the U.K., is close to announcing a virtual network operator service in the United States.

Transmeta Inks Another Deal
Transmeta gains more ground in the laptop market.

Microsoft Aims For Integration With Identrus' Network
Under an agreement between the two companies, Microsoft said it plans to make several of its core products more interoperable with the secure global network created by Identrus.

IDG Ventures, AOL Back Gay Web Company
Gay-oriented Internet media company PlanetOut Partners Inc. on Thursday said it has received $8.2 million in funding, including money from AOL Time Warner Inc.

Exodus snags Covisint deal
Riding aboard what could be just the ticket for its struggling fortunes, Exodus Communications Inc. will announce that it has been chosen to provide managed services and Web hosting for Covisint LLC, a global automotive e-business exchange.

Terra Lycos mum on CNet/EarthLink buyout reports
Just two days after posting a quarterly loss of $155 million and announcing plans to lay off nearly 100 staffers at its U.S. base, Spanish Internet company Terra Lycos is reportedly in talks to purchase either CNet Networks or Internet service provider Earthlink.

Compaq, Microsoft, Others Team Up On Financial Services Venture
Consulting firm Accenture said it's leading the formation of a new company that will offer to manage the processing of stock trading transactions, with Microsoft and Compaq Computer among the other investors.

Alcatel in talks to buy Lucent
Alcatel is in advanced talks to buy Lucent Technologies for more than $40 billion, and a transaction may be announced by early June.

Palm Hits All Time Low, Cancels Merger
It was a stormy afternoon for Palm, as the largest PDA maker cut its financial outlook and cancelled its merger deal with Extended Systems.

Orange and NTL Join Forces
The France Telecom stablemates are in talks to provide the U.K.'s largest cable operator with its own mobile service.

Sabre signs $30 million PC deal with Compaq
Sabre Holdings Corp. signed a deal yesterday with Compaq Computer Corp. with a potential value of $30 million to offer a variety of desktop PCs, notebook computers and services to more than 15,000 Sabre travel agencies.

Microsoft invests $127 million in New Zealand phone company
Microsoft Corp. has invested 300 million New Zealand dollars in, Telecom New Zealand, a deal aimed at building up the local version of its MSN Web portal.

Retailing giant Fry's Electronics has taken a stake in Outpost.com
Fry's Electronics has acquired 9.97 percent of the online electronics e-tailer, according to a regulatory document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

InstallShield(R) and Akamai Team Up to Enhance Delivery of Large Download Files
InstallShield DigitalWizard(TM) Technology to Improve Delivery of Digital Goods from Last Mile of the Internet to the Desktop via Akamai's Digital Parcel Service

Mergers, acquisitions climb in first quarter
Mergers and acquisitions among venture-backed companies increased in the first quarter, but that bit of good news was offset by a decline in investors putting money into new venture funds.



NTL in Early Alliance Talks with AOL Time Warner
NTL, Britain's largest cable operator, is in early stages of talks with AOL Time Warner about a potential European partnership. NTL would provide the broadband network and AOL would contribute the content.

State Department site hacked, servers shut down
State Department officials confirmed today that a confidential Web site belonging to the department was hacked, prompting some internal Internet servers to be shut down.

Three's company
Du Pont's Journey Leader program takes partnering to the extreme. The $28.3 billion maker of Teflon and Lycra is working with three e-business consultancies to help shape its Web strategy: iXL, MarchFirst and Proxicom.

Microsoft Rivals Turn Up Political Heat
Rivals of software giant Microsoft are turning up the political heat, accusing the company of plotting to monopolize the Internet through its new .Net strategy in the same way that it came to dominate desktops through its software.

U.S.-China cyberwar a dud, but trouble lingers
Despite pronouncements from Chinese hackers that they would attack U.S. Web sites, the predicted cyberwar appears to have ended with a whimper.

Southwest Airlines Sues Orbitz
The carrier accuses the travel startup of trademark infringement, false advertising and unfair competition. But it might boil down to sour grapes.

NTT DoCoMo calls for 3G mobile service testers
Japanese cellular giant NTT DoCoMo will this week put out a call for about 4,000 people to test its third-generation (3G) wireless service, prior to a full launch in October.

Southwest Sues Orbitz
Southwest claims Orbitz has posted misleading information about Southwest schedules and fares on the Orbitz Website.

Denial-of-service warning put out by FBI cybercrime agency
Following a denial-of-service attack on the White House Web site, the National Infrastructure Protection Center issued an advisory warning of attacks at various sites.

Aimster Files Suit Against Recording Industry
Aimster, maker of file-sharing software that works with America Online's instant messenger, sued the Recording Industry Association of America.

Caldera: The world's biggest Linux company?
While Red Hat would disagree and you could argue for IBM, with its broad Linux support, Caldera's purchase of the Santa Cruz Operation's (SCO) Server Software and Professional Services Divisions gives it a combined Unix/Linux and reseller presence far greater than its pure Linux play competitors

Micron sells off PC unit to turnaround firm
Micron Electronics announced a deal to sell its unprofitable PC business to Gores Technology Group, a Los Angeles-based company that tries to resuscitate struggling technology vendors.

Music industry kept busy warning Web sites in 2000
The Recording Industry Association of America says it sent record numbers of warnings to Web site operators in 2000, reminding them about its get-tough approach to illegal copying of music.

Napster, Microsoft in Talks
With its user base dwindling, an inability to curry favor with the major record labels, and an increasingly ambivalent sugar-daddy, Napster has taken its case to software giant Microsoft.

Aussie Court Rules Against Smart Card Patent Challenge
The Australian Federal Court has ruled against Catuity Inc. in its challenge against Welcome Real-Time, saying Catuity infringed Welcome's patent on smart card technology for the operation of customer loyalty and incentive schemes.

Pentagon Says It Is Under Daily Computer Attack
Last year, attackers pierced unclassified Defense Department networks 215 times, up slightly from 1999, but classified systems remained inviolate.

Intel takes on Sun with telecom servers
Intel, looking for new sources of revenue, will challenge Sun Microsystems by launching a line of telecommunications servers later this year.

Asensio & Co. Holds Press Conference to Scrutinize Department of Commerce Ruling on VeriSign Domain Name Monopoly
Decision to Address Justice Department Antitrust Concerns Over VeriSign-ICANN Deal Will Be Worthless Unless Strict Guidelines Are Set for VeriSign's Control of Internet Addresses

BlackBerry Maker Hits Rival With Patent Suit
Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry e-mail pager, lashed out at one of its competitors Thursday, saying it violates a U.S. patent recently granted to RIM.

Lawmaker Wants Baby Bell Fines On Dereg Bill
The author of a bill to beef up enforcement authority against former Bell telephone companies that violate state and federal competition laws said he intends to attach the measure to a controversial bill that seeks to eliminate many of those laws.

Torvalds Blasts Microsoft's Mundie On Open Source
"Not worth the newspaper it's been printed on," retorted Linus Torvalds, Linux developer, in response to the charges made by Craig Mundie, Microsoft's sr. VP


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