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Subject: January 2002 ECMgt.com: Transition to VMS3.info (the Value Framework™)
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January 1, 2002 *4,300 subscribers* Volume 4, Issue 1
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NOTE: It's been a pleasure bringing you ECMgt.com over the last 3 years. We've enjoyed the knowledge we've gained pulling it together and the interaction we've had with you. In 2002, we've decided to fine tune the content, so much so that we've renamed the eZine VMS3.info. The name represents the components of the Value Equation™ (defined as V=MS3) which will be the primary focus of the eZine. We will be sharing stories, evidence and applications of its use in creating and maintaining successful businesses. We hope you enjoy the new content and format.

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THE STORY BEHIND THE VALUE FRAMEWORK: In November, 2001, I was giving a solo presentation at Comdex Fall on "Business Models for the 21st Century". In pulling together the presentation, I had an epiphany. All of a sudden, I saw an easy way to evaluate companies to see if they were spending enough energy in the appropriate areas to allow them to be successful in the long-run. The equation says that the appropriate business model(s) need to be strategically deployed and continually managed and e-volved within companies. Or rather,

  • V = MS3, where 3 represents cubed
  • V = Value Created, M = Model, and S = Strategy
  • M = (PTP) where P (1) = Process, T = Transactions, and P (2) = Participants
  • S3 = S cubed, where S (1) = Strategy Deployed, S (2) = Strategy Managed, and S (3) = Strategy Evolved

We will be exploring the intricacies of the Value Equation™ over the issues to come. Please share your thoughts and comments.

Best regards,

Mitchell Levy
Executive Producer, VMS3.info
Creator of the Value Framework™



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