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Subject: December 2001 ECMgt.com: Year-end 2001 in Review
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December 1, 2001 *4,300 subscribers* Volume 3, Issue 12
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2001 E-Commerce Wrap-up
Management Perspective
by Mitchell Levy, Author, E-Volve-or-Die.com

One thing is clear about 2001: it was a wild ride. I remember thinking that 2000 was a tumultuous year, but then came 2001. Business spending slowed to a trickle in Q1 and consumer spending froze on September 11.

Evaluating ECnow.com's 11 predictions for 2001 (http://ecnow.com/top10trends2001.htm), we see that 9 were correct.

1. The more things change, the more they stayed the same
2. More consolidation of brick-and-mortar and brick-and-click models
3. Better, faster and maybe cheaper products
4. Increased changes in business models and value webs
5. New standards and rules creating new opportunities
6. Evolving infrastructure and tools
7. A new face of marketing
8. New dimension for growth and evolution
9. Peer-to-Peer commerce took off

Two were only partially correct:

1. A new Internet-enabled world
2. Customers rule

Late 2001 witnessed the bottoming out of the B2C market, a leveling of B2B investment, and consumer confidence in the Internet reaching all-time high levels. In the next year, IT investment is expected to remain steady or grow in 80% of Global 2000 firms. U.S. consumers are set to spend over $10 billion this holiday season, 20% of the $50 billion annualized spending for 2001. The Internet leads with partial optimism.

Consolidation of products and services was as much a result of accelerated maturation as it was related to economic and financially driven events. Marketplace software faded as practical B2B investment focused on process integration, especially CRM and supply chain management. Alliances in 2001 were strategic, not financial.

Strategy, process, and technology, in that order, are finally being adopted in complex sales and implementations of CRM, SCM and extended enterprise applications. It's the only way that B2B can make sense and evolve in a networked deployment.

Wireless technology continues to grow, with mixed applications in business. Mobile data still drive development more than mobile devices do, and wireless enterprise data remains a continued investment focus in 2002. Palm and Handspring may merge this year, but wireless integration with the enterprise remains below projected levels.

Data centers are in peril, with Exodus in bankruptcy, and revenues way below costs in others. Combined with the ASP model, firms including Exodus, Above Net, Level 3, and Qwest had hoped to create cross-connected infrastructure as peering points for business process. Instead, B2B process integration fell into large middleware and integration firms. Even Extricity, a crown jewel in this field, could not avoid acquisition, as anticipated revenues could not cover cash flow requirements after rapid growth.

Grid computing and web services are gaining momentum in the popular press, and with the Object Management Group pushing UML-XML convergence, distributed process is becoming more of a possibility. Forrester's "exT" external technology approach to distributed business process models appears to be materializing.

"E-business" applications have now reached 10% of all IT spending, with CRM and SCM remaining the biggest investments. As the "e" melts away in the future, successful firms (especially IBM Global Services) will no longer differentiate between process- driven and commerce-driven applications. Say goodbye to "e".

The pending merger between HP and Compaq, whether or not it happens, is more than just synergy and expansion of core activities into new growth markets. It's reflective of the growing realization that combining technology and services with strategy and process is not merely the ideal approach, it's the only approach.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) remains an elusive goal, as major banks are not participating in the full length of the value chain. Their reticence is partly due to cash management issues, and partly due to the fact that the "all or nothing" threshold is still far above a level that would allow adoption. However, contingencies with the postal system may drive EBPP in 2002.

As geopolitical boundaries and alliances are rapidly morphing and seeking new definition each moment, global commerce continues its inevitable march forwards. We can only hope that our New World embraces the vision of new strategy for good.

The first year of the 21st century witnessed the introduction of the Value Equation, a new tool for strategically designing best-fit business models in the complicated world of digitally commerce. Stay tuned as we share the vision and value of our new tool. Be prepared for a change to this e-zine as we reposition it for 2002.

Finally, happy holidays to you and your family!

Mitchell Levy
Executive Producer, ECMgt.com

About the Author:

Mitchell Levy, is President and CEO of ECnow.com (http://ecnow.com), an e-commerce management consulting company helping small, medium and large enterprises transition employees, partners and customers to the Internet age through strategy, marketing, and off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. The latest info on the value equation can be obtained at http://ecnow.com/value. He is the author of E-Volve-or-Die.com (http://e-volve-or-die.com), Executive Producer of ECMgt.com (http://ecmgt.com), an on-line E-Commerce Management (ECM) e-zine, Chair of comdex.biz at Comdex Fall, the Founder and Program Consultant of the premier San Jose State E-Commerce Management Certificate Program (http://ecmtraining.com/sjsu) and the Chairman of the Pay-per-Performance PR Agency Media Attention Now TM (http://ecnow.com/mediaattention) and the on-line learning content production company Transition Learning (http://transitionlearning.com). Mitchell was at Sun Microsystems for 9 years, the last 4 of which he managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5 billion supply chain. Mitchell is a popular speaker, lecturing on ECM issues throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Read more about Mr. Levy: http://ecnow.com/ml_bio.htm

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Like most things in life, being in the business world means that you will have good times and bad times. That goes with the territory. Having been in the consulting business for twenty years now, I have personally experienced bad times before. But when things slowed down this year, several things conspired to make it especially unpleasant, although as 2001 reaches its twilight, there are glimmers of hope for better times ahead. We shall survive, and we will overcome all obstacles. That is the American Way.

I started a consulting firm back in 1986, just in time to be hit by Section 1706 of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. A bill created in a smoke-filled room by former (thankfully) NY Senator Pat Moynihan; it applied law to collusion between government and big consulting firms to suppress small consulting firms and sole practitioners. The next year, we experienced the famous Stock Market Crash of 1987. Yet we continued on, recovered, and lived to tell the story.

Things slowed down again in 1991-92, but at the time we remained relatively insulated from the effects of that recession by staying with recession-proof clientele. In both of these slowdowns - 1986 and 1992, we did okay consulting in the New York City area by staying away from financial services, the mainstay of the New York economy. At that point, I decided I needed a break from my high-risk entrepreneurial activities, so I took a job as a project manager with a major Wall Street firm.

Eventually, I wound my way back to running a consulting firm again, with stopovers as a Vice President, Director of Technology, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer. I love consulting, and I love helping and fixing my client's projects and companies even more. I started Drapkin Technology back in 1999 and flourished and surfed the Dot Com wave, taking cash - not equity - for my services, thank you very much. I marveled at the ridiculous firms getting funded, but continued to observe the old consultant's adage: "Never question why your clients want to pay you money." I knew we were headed for a meltdown, and stood aside as firms hit the brick wall at 2000 miles an hour.

Smart consultants practice agility, which is why the IBM Global Services and the Accentures continue to react successfully, while the wannabees like Razorfish and Organic looked on helplessly as their clientele melted away. I quickly shifted back to the "meat and potatoes" clients of consulting: big firms with deep pockets. 2001 rolled around, and I withdrew from the dot com clients and went back to servicing Wall Street companies.

The first half of 2001 was actually still OK, as the marketplace was still running on inertia. Unfortunately, you can only coast downhill, and it was clear that the market had bet too heavily on "New Economy" instead of intrinsic value. Did anyone really think Amazon was going to buy WalMart? The writing was on the wall, and it was just a question of time before we headed towards the "R" word - recession.

A former boss of mine, who is spectacularly successful as a senior tech manager at a major Wall St. firm, said to me recently, "I couldn't do what you do. I couldn't stomach the uncertainty." Ironic, considering his industry, where the further up the food chain you are, the closer you are to the door. Indeed, things slowed midsummer, and I hunkered down and cut expenses, anticipating a very cold winter. I knew that the Dot.Com meltdown had created a big imbalance in the market, and besides, we were due for a recession. Nothing lasts forever.

I had mentally prepared to weather the upcoming drought, and actually looked forward to some relaxation at the end of the summer. Things were very slow in July, and August is dead even in good times, as most managers go on vacation and nobody can make a decision, or sign a contract. I expected that after Labor Day, things would pick up as they usually do.

We then decided to restructure Drapkin Technology as XB5 Partners Inc., and brought in some fabulous partners to share the risk and reward, with our sights set at larger projects and revenue. Labor Day passed, and that first week of September looked good. Things were loosening up nicely.

Then September 11th struck.

All business ground to a halt. New York went into shock. Another emotional upheaval, in addition to the personal loss many of us felt from the loss of friends and colleagues. Thank God I was still alive, thank God!

We knew that we were in for a very rough ride. We made a quick tactical decision: Since we couldn't sell our services, we decided that we would give them away for free and in the process help those in need. We started the World Trade Center I.T. Mobilization consortium (http://www.xb5.com/wtcitm) rallying 500 individuals and 30 companies to help firms affected by the attack get back on their feet and stay in New York. We are currently helping a number of firms absolutely free of charge through this XB5-organized effort.

Just because business in NY stopped didn't mean that we stopped. On the contrary, we hustled even harder, making connections and building resources for the time that New York emerged from mourning and started doing business again. This seems to have started to happen again in the last couple of weeks, and I am "cautiously optimistic" about prospects for the future.

You see, we are not a Dot.Com, and we don't have the luxury of folding our company when cash runs out. Consulting is what we do for a living, and we'd like to think we are very good at it. But failure is not an option. So, I am half joking at what I have said in a number of print and radio interviews recently. I said that for American business to truly and effectively fight terrorism, the best thing they can do is to once again go back to business as usual. And, of course, we feel that it is every firm's patriotic duty to do business with our firm.

As the emotional roller coaster of 2001 barrels through its last set of hills and steep drops, we fly along, enjoying the ride, and giving thanks for the chances we have all been gifted with for success in the future. Good luck, everyone! May we all be granted success in 2002.

Byline: Michael Drapkin is Chief Executive Officer of XB5 Partners Inc. (www.xb5.com), a New York City-based management and technology consulting firm. He is also Chair of eCommerce Management for Columbia University's Executive I.T. Management program.

Short Bio: Michael Drapkin is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of XB5 Partners Inc., which provides senior-level management and technology consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies and e-commerce firms. He is chair of E-Commerce Management for Columbia University's Executive IT Management Program and is Visiting Lecturer in E-Commerce Strategy at University of Chicago's Graham School. Drapkin is an expert at delivering cost-effective business solutions, and specializes in e-commerce deal making and crisis management/turnarounds.


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E.piphany Lands Latin American Customers
Latin American companies, ABN Amro, Banco Um, Datamidia, Grupo Aval, and Sony Latin America, have recently chosen applications from E.piphany, Inc. to power their CRM strategies.

Bluetooth Ready For Mass Market
Three-and-a-half years after the radio-based, short-range networking technology was unveiled, Bluetooth at last is ready to enter the mainstream, according to a new report.

AOL, Chrysler Launch Holiday Promotion
AOL Time Warner will be the exclusive advertising partner for Chrysler's "Home for the Holidays" promotional program, an effort that seeks to tie in vehicle marketing with travel and safety information.

Whatever Happened to Dot-Com Stunts?
Dot-com stunts were more often about brand-awareness overkill than about focused brand-building and strategic marketing.

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Apple Tries To Woo Windows Defectors
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Big Boost In Sales Of Advertised Pharmaceuticals
But Full Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Campaigns Unclear

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Web Merchants Fish for New Holiday Hooks
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Goodby Lands Adobe Account
Imaging software giant Adobe Systems, Inc. has handed its estimated $20 million U.S. advertising account over to Omnicom's Goodby Silverstein & Partners, concluding a three-month-long review.

Sun joins move to lure IBM mainframe users
Sun Microsystems is contributing Unikix software, which runs mainframe CICS applications on Unix machines, and along with Amdahl the two are offering to rehost applications.

Red Hat Counters Microsoft's Education Offer
Red Hat, never one to miss an opportunity for publicity, on Tuesday offered an alternative to Microsoft Corp.'s proposed settlement of more than 100 private antitrust cases against it.

Online Ad Market Holding On in Britain
The total U.K. Internet advertising market for the first half 2001 was £90.2 million, a 42 percent increase over online ad spending from one year earlier.


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Haht Integrates, Analyzes Demand Plans
An upgrade to Haht Commerce Inc.'s demand management software provides the functionality manufactures need to reduce the complexity of coordinating and managing their customer-facing business processes across channels.

Shipping Just Gets Harder for E-tailers
The threat of anthrax in post offices is just one of many shipping concerns facing consumers and e-tailers.

Manufacturer Takes Auctions In-House
Airplane ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker is bucking the trend of having an auction service provider or e-marketplace do the dirty work, choosing instead to run its B2B auctions in-house.

Rival retail exchanges working on common standards
By 2003, GlobalNetXchange and the Worldwide Retail Exchange, two competing retail industry marketplaces, plan to push their catalog providers to use a common set of data standards.

Fast, Focused, and Flexible
Focusing on core competencies and leveraging partner abilities can drive business success.

Drumroll, Please: Siebel 7 Is Here
After months of anticipation, after announcements by more than 100 vendors that they are fully prepared to support this new software product, Siebel Systems has shipped the seventh major release of Siebel eBusiness Applications.

B2B Grows With the Information Flow
Most business-to-business e-commerce technologies focus on automating the physical aspects of a company's fulfillment and order functions.

Qualcomm, Eutalsat Team on Fleet Management
Five-year pact for European satellite-based tracking system.

IBM Hardware, Software Initiative Targets Mid-market
As part of its strategy to reach the small and mid-sized market with integrated offerings, IBM and Intentia announced a combined hardware and software offering designed to reduce the cost of collaborative e-business.

Web-enabling Supply Chain Logistics
Four new Web-based applications for supply chain management allow manufacturers and suppliers to square up on logistics management while collaborating on real-time orders, production and quality control testing.

B2B E-Commerce Takes a Global View, Cautiously
While consumers tread lightly when it comes to conducting international e-commerce, businesses have begun to use the Web to erase borders and streamline their global operations.

Packager Readies Private Hub
Diversified manufacturer Owens-Illinois Inc. early next year will flip the switch on a private online marketplace through which it will do business with both suppliers and customers.

Newgistics Gears Up To Deliver Many Happy Returns
Supply chain vendor Newgistics has announced the availability of a returns management application for multichannel retailers.

Moneris, Wildcard Partner on Wireless POS
Pilots under way in several Canadian cities with Domino's Pizza and Motorola Canada.

HP, i2: SRM Is to B2B as CRM Is to B2C
Hewlett-Packard and i2 Technologies have formed an agreement to develop supplier relationship management tools for private marketplaces, based on i2's supply chain collaboration product.

Start-up helps carriers keep customers
Backed by $90 million in venture capital, 3-year-old Telephia aims to be to wireless carriers what Nielsen is to TV networks: a key source of timely market intelligence.

Convergys Enlists Allies To Boost Billing App
Convergys has launched a program designed to improve the performance of its billing and CRM products and services by enlisting the help of independent software makers.

One Quick Hit at a Time
Using portal technology can help you extract value from your supply chain one step at a time

Competitors Rail Against Alleged SBC Abuses
An ever-expanding list of abuses has forced the Competitive Local Exchange Carriers Association of Michigan to file a complaint over supposed unfair and monopolistic practices of SBC Communications.

B2B Leaders Turn to Collaboration
Though three erstwhile leaders in the business-to-business arena have been bloodied by the souring economy and dying dot-coms, all are forging ahead with new software to revitalize their platforms.

B2B Exchanges Still Working Out Kinks
Most companies that have joined business-to-business (B2B) exchanges - portals designed to link suppliers and manufacturers via the Internet express disappointment with the results.

Progress Slow on Supply Chain Projects
Supply chain managers at some companies said their automation projects are being slowed by problems such as inadequate IT resources and hesitation on the part of suppliers.


Growing Pains...the Birth of New Domains
The highly controversial global top level domain .biz opened up for business on the public stage, the second new TLD approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers this year.

Toys Sold Online Highlighted in Consumer Warnings
Web sites selling toys on the Internet are increasing in popularity, but fail to provide the same choking and age warnings found on toys sold in stores,

Hidden Messages: Any There There?
Niels Provos, a computer science graduate student at the University of Michigan, took the dais at a Stanford University lecture hall Wednesday evening with what seemed a comforting message.

EBay To Conduct First Online Auction of New Homes
Following its purchase of an online auctioneer of foreclosed homes, EBay now steps further into Web real estate sales with an upcoming auction of new homes in L.A. County.

Calculating Costly Content Management
CrownPeak Technology, Calif.-based content management Application Service provider, unveiled its ROI calculator, a new tool for determining return on investment of a firm's content management initiatives.

Photo Finishing From Afar
A proposed standard for moving images across the Internet would let users send prints with a system similar to an ATM network.

FastTrack Approaches Napster's Former Popularity
Napster has been offline since mid-summer and is struggling to put together a marketable subscription product while at the same time, according to a new study, many people are flocking to free peer-to-peer file-swapping alternatives.

Bluelight.com: Not Your Parents K Mart Anymore
K Mart, long the domain of bargain-seeking shoppers, is getting a face-lift on the Internet with the opening of its Hewlett-Packard online store.

Broadband defectors on the rise
Katy Ling, a software consultant who had her home wired for high-speed Internet access last year, did what many technology analysts said would never happen: She bailed out of broadband.

Security Expertise In Short Supply
According to a recent report from online certification company Brainbench, disaster-recovery and network-security skills are scarce within the IT workforce.

Amazon Heads for the Web-Free Internet
With the recent restructuring of Amazon, Bezos looks to be positioning his company to join a race that has barely begun -- Internet commerce that goes beyond the World Wide Web.

U.S. Army leading the way in portal technology
The U.S. Army has created a new intranet portal ìArmy Knowledge Onlineî that will provide all 1.2 million active duty soldiers, National Guardsmen, reservists, civilians and contractors a one-stop shop for Army information.

Nordic Firms Plan to Boost Remote Working
The vast majority of Nordic firms plan to let their employees access company data remotely because using mobile technology boosts efficiency

Online Bill Payment Gains Converts
Following numerous anthrax scares, worries about handling mail are almost as strong as concerns over late-arriving payments as a reason people cite in signing up to pay bills online, a new study has found.

Harry Potter Web Sites To Muggle Up With
So you can't quite get to the village of Hogsmeade, but you can chill with Harry Potter and his crew in some rather magical places online.

Orbitz Tells U.S. It Brings Competition to Online Travel
According to online travel site Orbitz - which is run by the airlines themselves - rivals Travelocity and Expedia were operating in a 'cozy market.'

Online Message Boards Increasingly Screened
Critics say double standard exists in favor of harsh, anti-Arab messages

Salesforce.com Gets into Financial Planning Game
Salesforce.com, which hosts CRM applications, has forged a new partnership with Closedloop Solutions, a vendor of financial applications.

Playboy says hacker stole customer info
Playboy.com has alerted customers that an intruder broke into its Web site and obtained some customer information, including credit card numbers.

Good News for E-Commerce, but Shoppers Be Wary
There's good news for online merchants as yet more surveys predict a ho-ho-ho kind of holiday selling season. But it comes with a warning for consumers as another report says online rip-offs of shoppers are on the rise.

Dos and Don'ts for Small E-Businesses
Looking to raise money for a small online business? Experts say that in today's difficult economic environment, some basic tenets for securing financial backing remain

E-mail overhaul to avoid overload?
If you struggle to keep up with today's e-mail volumes, what will you do in the future when you get ten times as many messages, including unsolicited e-mail from corporate systems and alerts from a variety of devices?



More Middle East Gets Hip To e-Banking
Misys International Banking Systems', the Dublin, Ireland-based subsidiary of financial services solutions provider Misys plc., announced a customer win for its Fontis iBanking solution.

FBI wants Carnivore powers for phone taps
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has asked telecommunications companies to make changes in their state-of-the-art networks to make it easier for the FBI to conduct surveillance.

16 U.S. agencies flunk computer security review
In a scathing report released, a U.S. congressional subcommittee flunked 16 federal agencies on their computer security efforts, while giving barely passing grades to a host of other agencies.

FCC Puts an End To Wireless Caps
Regulators at the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-1 to eliminate the spectrum allocation cap.

Senators Back Renewed Net Tax Ban
A letter sent by six senators urging passage of a two-year moratorium on new Internet taxes has prompted complaints from some state and local government organizations.

IDC Advisory Service Examines the Evolution of Online Payments
With $700 billion in consumer spending and $4 trillion in business spending forecast to be spent on the Internet worldwide in 2005, the need for innovative online payment systems is enormous.

Company Makeovers Tout Homeland Security Expertise
Within hours of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon Sept. 11, Unisys Corp. officials were huddling to discuss how the terrorist attacks would change the dynamics in the federal market.

New Australian Net censorship laws condemned
New Internet censorship laws introduced to NSW Parliament will criminalise Internet material unsuitable for children, effectively banning adult discussion of social and political topics.

ICANN Warned Of Its Own Vulnerabilities
Many of the people attending the ICANNs' conference used a wireless network at the hotel, and AT&T researcher Randy Bush knew some of the passwords they typed into their systems.

No cure for online privacy
About 65 million Americans have sought health information on the Internet, but many of their online activities are not protected by U.S. medical privacy rules.

Controversial cyber crime treaty ready for signatures
A controversial international treaty to combat online crime is ready for adoption by participating countries after foreign ministers of the Council of Europe approved the final draft

FCC Outlines EchoStar-Hughes Issues
Justice Department is expected to examine whether deal violates antitrust laws.

Internet Addicts Drain Finances of British Firms
On average, staff spend three hours a week surfing the net for personal reasons. The cost of this time-wasting works out as 7.5 percent of the salary paid to each employee.

UCITA opposition turns up heat
Proponents of the UCITA software licensing law have indicated a willingness to bend on a provision that would allow vendors to shut down a customer's system remotely, but opponents say it's not enough.

Congressman Makes Appeal To P-To-P Advocates
U.S. Congressman Rick Boucher asked for their support in his legislative efforts to make the authorized distribution of music over the Internet a reality.

Despite Moratorium, States Move Toward Taxing E-Commerce
Americans opposed to paying sales tax on online purchases won a battle this month when Congress extended a moratorium on Internet-related taxes for two years.

Industry group wants software holes kept mum
A collection of security companies has formed a group to create standard policies and guidelines for how information about software security flaws is distributed and published

UN Task Force to Address Technology
A new U.N. task force on technology pledged Tuesday to fight poverty, improve education and create jobs by expanding access to the Internet and other communications tools in the developing world.

Uncle Sam wants...virtual reality training
New virtual reality games allow U.S. soldiers and platoon leaders to become enveloped in lifelike wartime environments. Realistic lighting and sound mimic the feel of a variety of hostile situations.

FTC warns online retailers to live up to shipping promises
The Federal Trade Commission has sent letters to 72 online retailers warning them not to make holiday promises they can't keep.

PlanetGov Swings Back Into Old Federal-Contracting Orbit
In May 2000, PlanetGov saw itself as the preeminent Web site for anyone associated with the federal government. It hired a Washington Post columnist and promised to run 200 of the most relevant news stories every day.


Value of Mergers and Acquisitions Falls
Even as venture capital investment continues to fall nationwide by other measures, merger and acquisition activity remains steady, although the value of the deals has fallen significantly.

Systemonic Emerges as Key 802.11a Player
Systemonic of Germany has acquired the products and intellectual property of the RF Networking group of Raytheon Commercial Ventures Inc.

Deal may put Microsoft at head of the class
A proposed settlement agreement in a series of antitrust suits may not only give Microsoft a fairly inexpensive legal resolution--it may also help the company and its PC allies further erode Apple Computer's position in education.

CoreExpress Selling to Williams
Virtual private network company CoreExpress is selling its fiber-optic network, intellectual property and Internet protocol capabilities to Tulsa, Okla.-based Williams Communications Group Inc.

Amazon Invests in CatalogCity
There are some things you just can't buy without seeing them in a catalog first, and Amazon.com, is taking a piece of that action by making a $5 million investment in the company that operates CatalogCity.com.

IBM partner program revenue turning heads
For IBM, making a commitment beats the single life.

AOL Europe Joins Forces With Lastminute.Com
World's largest online service gives Lastminute a boost

Microsoft Lands TV deal
Software maker to provide technology for Charter Communications.

Contract specialists urge protection for software, outsourcing deals
Procurement specialists are preaching that smart IT buyers should install protection clauses in their software licenses and outsourcing contracts in case vendors go belly-up

Gateway Rethinks AOL Investment
Struggling PC maker Gateway said it was discussing changing a 2-year-old agreement for America Online to buy convertible stock, as Gateway looks to avoid a huge stock dilution.

Large Wireless Mergers May Loom
The merger of two top U.S. mobile telephone companies has long seemed unfeasible. Setting aside complicated technological and corporate governance issues, popular opinion dictated that antitrust regulators would never let such unions fly.

Outpost.com Comes in from the Cold
It's been a long, strange road for the beleaguered Outpost.com, has finally found a home, announcing the completion of its cash merger with Fry's Electronics Inc. and going private.

Gateway bundles goodies for consumers
Gateway is launching a deal that lets consumers go from zero to geek for just under $100 a month.

Global Crossing Wins $700M Pact
Bermuda-based IP bandwidth provider Global Crossing Ltd. won a 12-year, $700 million contract to develop and manage global wide area data and voice network infrastructure for IT services company Computer Sciences Corp.

Tarantella Expands Its Government Partnerships
Internet infrastructure software maker Tarantella says it has established some new partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal government contractors.

Compaq, Atempo Strike NAS Backup Partnership
To give end users more data back-up options, Compaq Computer Corp. on Monday will announce a partnership with Atempo Inc.

COLT Telecom Connects With iBasis
iBasis Inc., a provider of Internet-based VoIP, announced that COLT Telecom Group plc. has interconnected its pan-European network with The iBasis Network, the global VoIP infrastructure.

Juniper can't shake Cisco's shadow
No matter what deal Juniper Networks makes, the one constant as it expands its presence in the industry is rival Cisco Systems.

Global Crossing to Sell IPC Trading to Goldman-led Group
Struggling telecommunications company Global Crossing announced that it will sell its IPC Trading Systems unit to an investment group led by Goldman Sachs Capital Partners 2000 for $360 million in cash.

Lucent Fiber Optics Unit Sold
Lucent Technologies Inc. said it has completed the sale of its fiber optics business to Furukawa Electric Co. and CommScope Inc. for $2.3 billion, slightly less than an earlier offer.


Packard, Hewletts In HP-Compaq Family Feud
Opposition to Hewlett-Packard's bid to buy Compaq Computer has gained ground as David Packard, son of the HP co-founder, said that he would back the Hewlett family's decision to oppose the acquisition.

Verizon Wireless IPO Back on Track
Verizon Communications CFO Fred Salerno told investors that an IPO of the communications giant's Verizon Wireless subsidiary was on the front burner

Broadcom files patent suit against Intel
Communications chipmaker Broadcom said it had filed a lawsuit charging that certain Intel semiconductors infringe on patents held by Broadcom.

Tech Innovators Learn How To Avoid Washing Out
Sun Laboratories offers this grounding statement on its Web site: 'Even though our research may push the boundaries of what is possible, we work hard to keep our development focused on what is practical and profitable.'

U.S. judge dismisses French effort to curb Yahoo
A U.S. District Court judge in San Jose ruled that Internet portal Yahoo Inc. can't be forced to comply with French laws against the sale of Nazi paraphernalia on its auction site.

Separating fact from fiction
While many rumors these days turn out to be true, there are still some questions--Does Larry Ellison have cancer? Has Wired cut its staff?--that remain firmly in gossip circles.

The Supercomputer Letter
Experts came to learn the latest about groundbreaking technology used to decode the human genome, visualize the birth of stars and create digital battlefields.

E-Commerce Key to Global Economic Growth
E-commerce will continue to be a driving force behind future economic growth worldwide, and may be especially important for developing countries

Feds Step Up Efforts Against Online Anthrax Opportunists
Seeking to stem the rising tide of questionable and illegal products being sold online to prevent anthrax and other diseases linked to bioterrorism, federal authorities are stepping up their crusade against Internet profiteers in the US and abroad.

Overstock.com Challenges Amazon on Book Prices
At the same time that Overstock said that it would beat Amazon's book prices by 10 percent, it blasted Amazon's growth philosophy.

When the Hacked Becomes the Hacker
The latest security software for the Web goes further than ever in identifying the origin of attacks, but experts say any hack attack -- even a retaliatory one -- is illegal.

New hacker tool could target Web servers
Companies with servers running Microsoft's database application should watch out for a new hacker tool that scans and then infects systems, network security experts warn.

Microsoft Case Moves On
Microsoft Corp. may have settled its lengthy antitrust case with the Department of Justice, but the refusal of nine states and the District of Columbia to agree to the terms will keep the case open for the foreseeable future.

eBay Bolsters Charitable Effort
eBay, moving to shore up its ambitious "Auction for America" charitable fund-raising effort launched after Sept. 11, announced a new round of corporate sponsors, including Microsoft, Pepsi and AOL Time Warner, among others.

Microsoft Settles Class Action Suits
Microsoft cleared another legal hurdle this week by settling a slew of class action lawsuits alleging that the software company overcharged PC consumers for its products.

EU sets Microsoft talks for December
U.S. software giant Microsoft will have a chance to respond to the European Commission's antitrust concerns at a hearing here on Dec. 20 and 21, European Union Competition Chief Mario Monti.

Timeline set in Microsoft antitrust case; public gets say
A week after a settlement was reached in the antitrust case between the U.S. and Microsoft, the judge in the suit has laid out how the case will proceed now that it has splintered into two tracks.

Open-source approach fades in tough times
The ideological purity of the open-source software business is being diluted by a new era of pragmatism as start-ups adjust to the economic slump.

E-Taxes Take Another Holiday
Online merchants have grown more efficient as time has gone by. But now, they must respond to the extension of the moratorium on Internet taxation.

MusicCity Hit with Another Copyright Lawsuit
Online file swapping service MusicCity.com and two similar Web sites were hit with yet another copyright infringement lawsuit by a music publishing association.

Wireless Networking for Airports - Right Concept, Wrong Time?
Some analysts are convinced that Wi-Fi, a technology that creates wireless local area networks, is about to explode.

Inventors challenge BlackBerry patent
A group of U.S. inventors claims that RIM's BlackBerry infringes on eight patents controlled by a holding company called NTP.


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